Wi-Fi Gun DIY / Powerful Antenna for Wi-Fi !

Wi-Fi Gun DIY / Powerful Antenna for Wi-Fi !

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46 Comments on "Wi-Fi Gun DIY / Powerful Antenna for Wi-Fi !"

    Your car and all your friends stuffed in it is great. Your antenna is "Ninja" level 100. I am so impressed with what you did. Keep em coming. BTW-What is all that white stuff on the ground? Hawaii

    Somehow ping is 2ms. You get such ping only via cable. I highly douobt that this thing is working and author actually uses cable connection for show. Wi-fi has considerable latency (~15ms or more, depending on obstacles, distance and 2.4ghz/5ghz network congestion).

    Remember the Pringles tin version , worked great over a mile and was able to use the work wifi network from home 24/7 . Happy days.

    Which connector should be need to connect rg6 cable into wifi router……to make a wifi gun……..sir please give answer quickly

    I never successful with this antenna, but when I replacing the metal rod with non metalic stick, I found 42 Access Points (only 4 Access Points without this antenna).
    I just wonder, this type antenna just similar to Yagi model,

    Or, just make this model as Yagi with Copper Tape or Aluminum foil Tape on a thick plastic sheet. Working just same and very-very cheap, reliable, work with any cable!

    Just make it! Thanks Kreosan

    This circular yagi is 11.4dBi antenna, it was measured here: https://www.wifi-antennas.com/topic/260-24ghz-yagi/?do=findComment&comment=2498 I would like to build 11dBi version of BiQuad instead – it is smaller and easier to build from piece of wire: https://www.wifi-antennas.com/topic/63-biquad-antenna/?do=findComment&comment=3796 or DoubleBiQuad 14dBi https://www.wifi-antennas.com/topic/427-hi-double-biquad-antena/ , 15dBi patch panel antenna: https://www.wifi-antennas.com/topic/172-simple-panel-antenna/ or 17+dBi version https://ypylypenko.livejournal.com/56724.html http://www.lan23.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=13007 For best signal quality, I would use shortest 50 Ohm RF coax as possible. Cable length between AP and antenna should be 0.5 lambda, 1.5 lambda, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 lambda and so on (odd number times 0.5 lambda), this can increase transmitting efficiency (there are reflections in RF cable) if antenna impedance is not perfectly matched. RG58 cable velocity factor is 0.66 and WiFi center frequency is 2440MHz, 1/2 lambda inside RG58 cable is 40.5737705mm and this is measured with sleeve, don't forget to cut it a bit longer – you will need center pin too. RG58 is good, H155 or H1000 are the best low loss cables, 75 Ohm satellite TV coax cable makes a little bit worse VSWR with 50 Ohm matched wifi antenna and 50 Ohm router output, but using a 100 foot run of 75 Ohm antenna cable with low loss is better than using a 100 foot run of 50 Ohm antenna cable with high loss. There are different grades of 75 Ohm cable and of 50 Ohm cable, but the best way is using PoE injectors and Cat5e cable instead long RF coax cable. My router is together with antenna in a plastic box outside. Router generates heat + there are small holes in the box bottom, no moisture is inside.

    how thick should the copper sheet be? its difficult to find one in some areas has anyone used any alternative metal plates?

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