Vadászkés készítés – Handmade hunting knifes (longer version)

Vadászkés készítés – Handmade hunting knifes (longer version)

Hogyan készül a Farkas Bertalan vadászkés? Tekintse meg a vadászkés készítés főbb mozzanatait.

Kézzel készített vadászkések.
Handmade hunting knife.
Handmade Jagdmesser.

29 Comments on "Vadászkés készítés – Handmade hunting knifes (longer version)"

    That is about as "handmade" as a damn car off an assembly line. Try doing it without any use of electricity and it MIGHT even be worth the time it took to watch this crap.

    what steel was used? and why to spoil so horns? when it was possible to make from the integral piece sawn in half with milling

    I loved watching you stone wheel grind your blades. I'm doing the same as I don't want to spend a fortune on a belt grinder. Beautiful knives, you got a sub.

    Beautiful knives…
    Even the scabbards are an artwork.
    Who haves thumbs down?
    What’s your problem fuck knuckle?

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