The sword. Handmade silver ring

The sword. Handmade silver ring

Handmade silver ring shaped sword.

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    Dear Sir, I have quite a-bit of silver bullion and loose sapphires, peridots, and garnets…would u create a master piece for my wife and I….we would like matching rings for the blue sapphires; mike a pinky ring and hers a ring finger…the peridots are trilliums and the sapphires are emailed cut and the garnets are just faceted rounds. I have the sizes as well for the stones. The sapphires are a pretty big…please?

    I was thinking of making my own engagement ring, the problem will be to find all those equipment in less than 7 months from now O.o ( I am not concerned about the value, only room to store all the DIY tools)… And how to get the authentic metals O.o :/

    Hi scaffoal, couldn't you work the coarser cutting (forming the outline of the blade) before forming the ring (before soldering it into a circle).P.S: You continue you to amaze us with your brilliant skills.

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