The Painstaking Art of Luxury Watchmaking

The Painstaking Art of Luxury Watchmaking

The Swiss watch brand Arnold & Son builds all its own movements and tools in-house and from scratch. Each timepiece is a painstaking work of art that takes hours to come to life.

Read more about process here:

Video by Zach Goldstein, Brian Schildhorn


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50 Comments on "The Painstaking Art of Luxury Watchmaking"

    The ultimate example of form over function; my $300 Samsung smart phone can not only keep perfect time, it can also make me a martini.

    You see all of the state -of-the-art tools and machines , now think of making these watches with more simple tools like they used 150 years ago . Watchmaking has always required great skills.

    Zwingen mich bei verschiedenen Universitäten & Produkte……Entwicklungen auch……Ohne Politiker & Wissenschaftler
    Haben Ich den Nevers verlieren……Vielen Dank alles Männers & Vaters ………

    Did you know some kids today don't know what clockwise or counterclockwise is because they don't use analog clock displays anymore?

    This makes me feel love and hope for humanity again…we can do anything if we respect eachother and work together. I was a high level machinist for 12 years. This is art!

    And a chinese company will create an Identical clone and sell it for $300, and it will take a professional to explain how to spot the clone.

    Beautiful video and great narration editing! The $4000 Olympus microscope for checking dust is probably the cheapest tool in the shop. 🙂

    Wow, 😯 bespoke is just like Haute Couture, I'm not into watches but I love the process. The artisans are so passionate like me I want to be the first Couturier designer in America, hand craftsmanship has vanished over the last century in New York we need talented artist and designers to take this generation into next world. I have been blessed with a gift I choose to stand up and make a change for our next generation to come.

    "which is still built today, as it used to be the last centuries"

    Uhh, buddy. I don't think they had your computers and specialized machines in 1850.

    Fantastic watches shame they feel the need to use false heritage such as the name Arnold and Son. John Arnold wasn’t Swiss even in the most remote sense.

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