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Kids Lion Costume – Handmade Home – Martha Stewart

Your child can create a roar on Halloween in this cute yet fierce lion costume made from paper products and a hooded sweatshirt.

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Kids Lion Costume – Handmade Home – Martha Stewart


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Diwali Floating Diya// Handmade Crafters// By Manavi Sanghvi

This is a Diwali special video tutorial of floating diyas for Diwali.
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3 Amazing Handmade Greeting Card | Diy Teacher's day card/ how to make diy Diwali card handmade.

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Diwali Greeting Card | DIY/Handmade Cards | How to | Diwali | Pooja/Festivals | DIY | Shilpa's Home

Diwali Greeting Card | DIY/Handmade Cards | How to | Diwali | Pooja/Festivals | Shilpa’s Home Education Video

Hello crafter,
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In this tutorial you will learn how to make DIY/Handmade Diwali Greeting Card step by step.

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Required materials :-
• Cardstock, Craft paper
• Glitter pen, Pencil
• Decorative stones
• Glue, Scissor, Ruler

So stay tuned with me on my YouTube Shilpa’s Home Education Video channel.

Happy learning with Shilpa ….

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Shilpa’s Home Education Video

Love Greeting Card | Greeting Cards Latest Design Handmade | I Love You Card 2019

Love Greeting Card : In This Video You Can Learn Beautiful #Love #Greeting #Card #Making #Idea.We Will Teach You How To Make I Love You Greeting Card For Loved Ones Anniversary.

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Top stylish hand made applique work designer bed sheets design ideas

Top stylish hand made applique work designer bed sheets design ideas
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Apple / Fruit / kids/fancy dress/tutorial/DIY/easy/handmade/costume/idea/barbie doll

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watch Apple fancy dress tutorial video….

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Armenissa – Handmade jewelry (English Subs) #handmade #handmadejewelry

Armenissa is a Greece based company that specialized in unique and handmade jewelry.


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Handmade rings | Dolce Mascolo Jewelry

Handmade rings
Materials: Wood and Resin

or visit my Etsy shop
Here, I worked sheets of colored resin enfolded amid sheets of plywood. Rings are all hand-sanded and finished with a coat of wax. The pieces are durable, yet light and easy to wear. Each ring is a one-of-a-kind statement piece. Less will always be more.
My rings feel and look hand-made and that’s the way they’re meant to be. Rough and ready…not perfect imitations. Each one is unique.

Thanks for the visit, and if there’s anything more you’d like to know about my work, just ask.