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Bracciale matita in argento, handmade

Bracciale fatto su misura in argento per uomo e donna .
Possibili varianti in argento rosé con gomma rosa

Custom Handmade Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring has a round diamond set in the center and a princess cut diamond on either side of the center. This ring is 14k yellow gold and made inhouse by Christopher. For your custom design call (815)227-5500.

Which Sunglasses Are Best? Persol Or Ray-ban – Why Handmade Quality Always Wins Over Luxury Branding

After being greatly inspired by a video I saw recently on the excellent “Alpha M” channel about Ray-Ban Wayfarers, I decide to give my own opinion on which sunglasses brand I myself consider the best. I discuss luxury branding in context of the quality of sunglasses and how sometimes paying a bit more for the handmade quality over out sourced mass production can really pay off and last you a lifetime. Todays video I talk specifically about my favourite brand; Persol, its long legacy as a heritage brand, iconic Eurocentric and hollywood 60s sophistication, the unique production of its glasses, and which pair I choose for myself. A good pair of Ray-bans will last a decade but a good pair of Persol will last a lifetime.

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Handmade silver wire jewelry

Nadine’s handmade, handcrafted 925 sterling silver jewelry. 925 silver, silver wire jewelry, pearl & gemstones jewelry.
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My Frist Handmade Ring with Wire Weaving techniques

A Simple Handmade Wire Weaving Ring
How to make handmade jewelry from copper wire by 6day DIY.
Jewelry for both men and women, we can do the same with earring,
pendants and bracelets to form sets.
With this form you can use any type of wire or wire size you have.

[ Pen Making ] Hand made Pencil / Silver, Pure gold

Pen Making Mechanical Pencil / Silver, Pure gold
Under the concept of the form of the lively fish,
Mechanical pencil made by forging and sheet metal technique.
Created by applying the unit of Pentel P205 Mechanical Pencil.
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Handmade Jewelry

This video showcases my artistic development over the course of two years, highlighting my use of various styles, advanced metalsmithing and keen eye for gemstones. Many pieces featured in this video were custom designs commissioned by clients who were seeking unique jewelry making techniques. In addition to custom work, I have a wide array of jewelry for direct purchase. I offer the option to customize pieces that incorporate your personality and style. My primary mediums are Argentium silver, solid gold and 14k gold-filled. Argentium, a premium, tarnish resistant silver alloy combination, is considered to be the finest silver in the world, and contains more pure silver than sterling. If you are interested in purchasing any inventory pieces or having a custom piece of jewelry designed, please inquire through message or e-mail. My passion is rooted in working with customers to create individualized pieces which reflect meaning and importance in their lives. Any piece in this video can be recreated and personalized with different stones, styles, size or metals. Several pieces in this video are still for sale, so please inquire with curiosities. Please like and subscribe if you feel inspired to :). You may contact or follow me with the links below. Thank you for viewing my handmade jewelry collection.
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Penturning – The Making of Handmade Stylus pen/수제펜 만들기

Penturning – The Making of Handmade Stylus pen
With the finest “Amboyna burl”
“Mpingo-Africanblackwood” as the main material,
Silver and pure gold – Gold sheet (24k)
I made a handmade pen.
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최고급 “암보이나 벌”과 “음핑고”를 메인소재로,
은링과 순금 금부(24k)를 포인트로 장식하여
수제펜을 만들었습니다.
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How to make Designer Silk Thread Bangles at home | wedding jewellery | handmade jewellery

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Hi ,I am Kalpana Ambati and welcome to my channel . In this channel i have presented videos for beginners and based on quilling i made videos on How to make designer silk thread bangles , silk thread earrings , silk thread jhumkas , kada bangles , designer bangles , lace bangles ,latest model fancy silk thread bangles , silk thread necklace , designer necklace , kada bangles etc. this channel is also presenting some video on designer blouses , saree fall stitching , crochet , zari work , aari work , maggam work etc . please follwo my channel and my video with out fail and also i have done some best out of waste . ALl this are well suits for bridal collection , indian bridal wear and also well know for indian bridal collection . In this channel we have included some like hacks , 5-minute crafts,hobby ideas , best out of waste,sewing, embroidery , maggam work , latkans , tassels , aari latkan ,kundans , crochet , mirror work , shisha work ,glass mirroes , saree kuchu tricks,aari work , zari work , zardosi , thread work , maggam ,recycled crafts ideas , repurpose , do it yourself ,tricks , wine ,best out of waste,collection , treandy , pattern , step by step , life hacks , churros , handcraft etc.

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Handmade Wedding Rings and Pendant from my Scrap Gold- Street Gold Smith

Goldsmithing is one of the oldest jobs in the world. As of now there are lot of machine made jewelries but the traditional hand made jewelries are still around the corner. When in Iloilo City, Philippines and you want to have a custom made jewelry, just go to this guy. He had been a jeweler since his teenage years. The location of his shop is shown at the end of this video.

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