Sweet Handmade Photo Card * Mother's Day

Sweet Handmade Photo Card * Mother's Day

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This video tutorial shows a creative way to make a handmade photo card for mother’s day.
Thanks for watching and happy mother’s day to all the moms out there!

Materials: Photos, Heavyweight paper (for the card), Heavyweight paper (for frames), Decorative paper (for covers), Colored cord, button

Tools: Ruler, Glue Dots, Pencil, Marker, Cutting Mat, Craft Knife, Scissors, Decorative Scissors, Clear Tape, Double Sided Tape

The video camera used to film this video: Samsung HMX-F-80
(Provided by Samsung Electronics. Co., Ltd)

Tulip decorative paper from http://www.papermojo.com/
All other materials and tools from http://www.leesartshop.com/

Music: Andromida by Marvin Mars
Photos: www.danielbarkerphotography.com
Special thanks to Masami & Lily

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    Thank you for this wonderful and effective tutorial. You are a talented and skillful artist. I have subscribed and look forward to learning from your videos, Paper Guru ^.^

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