Sewing a Handmade Wardrobe: Why I Won't Be Buying Clothes in 2017 | SEWING REPORT

Sewing a Handmade Wardrobe: Why I Won't Be Buying Clothes in 2017 | SEWING REPORT

That’s right – if I want a new shirt, dress, or scarf, I will be sewing it myself instead of heading to the mall.
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New Year’s resolutions aren’t something I normally participate in, but I feel compelled to take control over my wardrobe in 2017.

I have decided not to purchase any clothing for this entire year.

A huge benefit to learning the classic skill of sewing is being able to make my own custom tailored pieces in the fabrics of my choice. This is amazingly freeing. No worrying about finding styles I like in the right fabric and fit.
Am I an expert seamstress? No.

Can women make their own clothes? FOR SURE!

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Here are some items I’ve got on my list to make:

Sew House Seven Tea House Top and Dress

Butterick Patterns B5826 Misses’/Women’s Top, Size B5 (8-10-12-14-16)

Butterick B6382 Misses’ Open-Front Jackets with Patch Pockets


Comprehensive sewing resource guide:

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Ever since I discovered sewing soon after moving from the Tampa Bay area in Florida to Atlanta, I’ve been absolutely hooked. My love of all things involving a needle and thread has driven me to brainstorm ideas of how I could contribute to the community and help to encourage others to learn to sew. If I can do it, you really can too!

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44 Comments on "Sewing a Handmade Wardrobe: Why I Won't Be Buying Clothes in 2017 | SEWING REPORT"

    Good luck! Can you link to some of the documentaries/videos about fast fashion? I'd really like to spread awareness about it. Also, do you know if the Sparrows are being sold at local quilt shops/ Bernina dealers?

    I'm into goth subculture and those clothes are so expensive. I used to sew all the time when I was in high school and middle School so it was cheaper to be goth. But it's just not an option anymore. I'm getting back into sewing and your channel is helping me remember my skills.

    I really like sewing my own clothes to. Last and this year I made my own pyjama pants. This month I am finishing my second long sleeved shirt with double overlapping frontpanel. Designed by me with gathers on the short side. This year I am planning on sewing my own pair of jeans and another long sleeved shirt. Maybe later this year also a vest with zipper and winter pyjama's. I have lost my interest in fast-fashion stores a long time ago.

    Back in the 70s, sewing costed a lot less than buying. It's a shame it isnt that way today but yes, I realize it's not the 70s anymore.

    Hi, I've been thinking of doing this as well. I'm probably an intermediate level sewer. I bought a few things and I plan on using them as templates or to combine with patterns I already have, which will be huge for me to attempt. Wishing you the best! So happy I found your YouTube channel.

    I no longer make my own clothes, but my knowledge of sewing allows me to buy well made garments. Having that knowledge about a well made garment should be acquired by everyone.

    Hi! I am just seeing this video now, but I'm excited to hear if you were able to meet your goal of sewing all of your own garments in 2017. Do you have the same goal for 2018? Also – I have been buying most of my fabric from Joann's since it's close by, but is there another store that you prefer to purchase fabric and supplies from? Thanks for your help! I'm loving your videos!

    Please get the word out:
    When Jo-Ann's has a pattern sale, 5/$5 for example, you do NOT have to buy five to get the sale price.

    I like your idea of sewing own garments. I sew because I like the idea of having my own custom made piece of my own clothes without having to meet someone having the same shop bought garments,

    This lady will teach you so much about making your own and getting the right fit… I will watch you both now.

    I wish i could make more clothes but i don’t have a job since i’m only 15 and it’s just cheaper to buy t shirts :/

    Oh where can I find out more about the hunt! I have always wanted to do one and I could use a better sewing machine mine is old and was a super cheap one. I need an updated version. What about that scavenger hunt? ?? Excited.

    Me too but I did buy 4 dresses. I lost all my thing (everything) in a flood , got a little 450$ in vouchers) from FEMA and bought a 300$ serger with most of it. I have been stocking up on bid fabrics from ebay. Made a few pair of panties and 2 dresses. Oh I did buy shoes tank top's 3 leggings and a pair of shorts and socks …. not much for going places. Back to it. I am going to remake my clothing from scratch and I want to change my style or at least.get one. Tha ks to all of the you tubers out there I think I will do it with the help of my seam ripper! Oh I need bras and I have some lycra (wish it had been jersey) but I want to make bras undies and corsets. I need to do this for more than the fact I need to get dressed every day .
    Luckily my sewing machine was at my daughter's house when all of my belongings were under water.

    I could have made this video myself! These are the very same reasons I got into sewing and upcycling my own wardrobe. I think buying clothing second-hand and upcycling would be the in between if you don't want to start with expensive all new patterns and fabric.

    Good idea but I'd you knit socks, you have to knit a lot. Same with underwear. I think you will be fine to atleast buy those! Lol

    I love seeing young people get interested in real sewing, not just little craft projects. I learned to sew from my G'ma. She made most of my clothes when I was growing up & I just loved them. I resisted learning how to sew because I was afraid she'd stop sewing for me. So she quit sewing for me while I screwed up on attempts to sew. So I finally paid attention to what she did & I finally made clothes I actually liked. I changed patterns to suit my taste & had a ball. I sewed my 2 boys' clothes while they were small. But life got so busy for me that I hadn't sewn for years. Now that I'm retired, I am getting back to sewing & changing things to suit my taste. Finding fabrics on line is something I have to get used to.

    I had not bought any clothes since 09 and then in 2014, I started a new wardrobe. I only bought higher end, but on steep discount. Even these clothes are not going to last three years. I do like the styles and will use what I have bought to make copies from here on out. I am not having much like finding quality fabric that looks nice and will last. I like to look put together so I want my colors to work together. Sigh.

    I'm not there yet to stop buying clothes but my clothes come from second hand stores and I taylor them to my style. I am focusing right now also on resizing my clothes due to my weightloss. I am purchasing a sewing machine and plan to take sewing classes as well so I can eventually make my own clothes.

    It has been years since I have shopped retail for clothing. I shop 2nd hand store and upcycled all my clothing! I too dislike the fast fashion and the effect the fashion industry has on the environment .I do buy under clothes I need to have new not used! I am very proud to have been making clothes for about 7 years! I sew sweaters and jeans to make one of a kind fashion. Good luck…I will check back in!

    I to have decided not to buy any clothes this year and so far it has been great, i have made a few maxi skirts and dresses.

    hello been sewing since very little girl i also make my patterns ,right now been at home with kids i get some time to sew more for me and i also do alterations for other people i make most of my clothes my problem is i wear it 3 ti 4 times and get tired of it .good luck sewing your on clothes i started making most my pieces when i read abaout fast fashion too ….your pieces look very well made love it ❤

    try making sleeves,tshirt,long sleeves polo shirts pants short and probabky panties lol..just an idea lol…hahaha

    I have very little sewing experience- but hey, agree about fast fashion. Inspired to try this also. Hubby just bought me an inexpensive Brother machine ( so cheap but, it does a lot more than my mother's 1960's Singer) , and there is a Joanne's across the street. Thanks for the great video – subscribing now.

    I'm so happy to find your video. I am sewing my children's summer wardrobe and was looking for motivation and inspiration. If you haven't tried Stitch Upon A Time's Scrundie, Bunzie and Brazie undies pattern. Underwear is the first thing I'm working on.

    Hi Jennifer. Just subscribed to your channel.
    I decided to teach myself to sew my own cloths, (newbie) as I'm tired hunting for shops that sell clothes that don't fit me.
    Being only 4'11in ( so most things are too long ) plus being a plus size, doesn't help. So many times I've come out of shops in tears and feeling utterly depressed and negative about myself.

    So little short/round me, has started sewing. I only started a few weeks ago. Started off on small things. Now I've managed to make myself a pair of Leggins..a Tunic. and now working on a Jacket/Cardigan thingy lol. Oh and I did make a tote bag..
    Understanding patterns! well, What a freakin' nightmare!!

    Sorry to waffle on.

    Hi Jennifer. Love your videos & your concept! I too am sewing a lot of my own clothes, mostly because I want high-end clothing without the high price tag. I've been sewing for many, many years and my goal is to have pretty much everything in my closet be made by me. I want to encourage you to try bras and outerwear. For bras, it really helps to have a sewing machine which you can move the needle at least to left, center, and right but the more positions, the better. I recently bought a Pfaff Creative 3.0 with 19 (I think) needle positions. It was an expensive purchase but worth it since I do so much sewing and it's an entry level embroidery machine too. I've purchased a number of Craftsy classes which have upped the quality of my sewing tremendously, especially Alison Smith's classes. She's big on the couture techniques. Beverly Johnson has some great bra making classes too. Highly recommended! Good luck with your goal.

    You should get a hashtag going!!!

    I had the same opinion and just stopped buying clothes and fabrics that were not conscious about our environment and labor laws. GOOD FOR YOU!!

    How fun! I started sewing my own clothes 13 mos ago and never looked back! It's given me so much confidence and is the best stress-buster ever! Now I very rarely buy clothes unless it's something I either don't know how to make or if I absolutely fall in love with it. Sewing has ruined shopping for me and I'm totally OK with that. 🙂 I look forward to watching all of your videos!

    I really appreciate all the work you do to nudge and encourage others to sew their own clothes. Your creativity, enthusiasm and values are inspiring. I think you might enjoy spoonflower (they also print patterns directly onto fabric) and Lekala patterns – you enter your measurements and for about $3 they sell you a very fashion forward PDF pattern to fit you exactly without having to do any adjustments which is a bonus. I know PDF are a pain (I avoid them whenever possible) but you can have them sent to your local copy shop and printed out on large architectural sheets for a reasonable fee if you're so inclined. I like that you also show how someone can get started in the craft for a reasonable price (Ever Sewn machines are an amazing bargain!). I have a Coverstitch and love it by the way not only for hems but for decorative stitching as well.

    You live in Georgia? As do I! I'm a sock gal, since I'm a runner, lol. I love lace/frilly socks, and I can't find those at all for adults around here, so I plan to make some. :3

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