Rusted Handmade Metal Foundry – RESTORATION

Rusted Handmade Metal Foundry – RESTORATION

This is my own handmade foundry. I made this furnace in 2017 and they were some flaws like paint was non thermal And it was almost destroyed due to high temperature, interior of foundry was also almost destroyed the concrete inside furnace melts down and turns into some sharp glass like material. And many of you asked me to restore my foundry so i thought to restore to its better version.
So i thought you guys are right i should restore this furnace using some professional techniques. This time i used thermal paint and the body is almost totally insulated and this furnace is not even heavy in weight this time.

After restoration my furnace went to the temperature that was out of range in my temperature Gun. and it was even harder me to pour melted metal because the crucible was too hot that was burning me inside the Gloves. I think now i should search for highly insulated gloves.

Rusted Handmade Metal Foundry – RESTORATION

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36 Comments on "Rusted Handmade Metal Foundry – RESTORATION"

    Great project! You wouldn't be helped with having a brand new one, this one is perfect! Very useful as weill if you have a pair of random hands wanting to create stuff … 😀

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