Primitive Tool : Build Underground House

Primitive Tool : Build Underground House

Hello everyone,

Today i’m build new house at Underground , it hard to dig but we try build for protect cool season .

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38 Comments on "Primitive Tool : Build Underground House"

    I think the effort put into these little houses are incredible and you can really tell how much work is put into these, but it leaves me wondering, what do you do with the houses and pools that are made? Do you come back a use the often? Do you just leave it there for others to find and use?

    You guys are hella lucky to have such good soil.If I tried to do that in the east cost of the U.S. I wouldn't get 3 foot.

    Gawd this is amazing, I'd love to make one if I live in the wild but I'd be paranoid that the ground would have in and bury me alive.
    I am curious, what was the point of digging a hole in the side of the wall and then filling it with mud in that one spot?.

    I have a request if your taking them what about if you made furniture for a house idk if you have done it already but thats just something that I thought of

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