Pricing Your Jewelry for Profit – Handmade Jewellery Business

Pricing Your Jewelry for Profit – Handmade Jewellery Business

Pricing your jewellery can be challenging, learn how to master the technique with this fantastic worksheet and guidance from jewellery business expert Jessica Rose. Calculate your wholesale, retail and cost price of handmade items in your handmade jewelry business.

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43 Comments on "Pricing Your Jewelry for Profit – Handmade Jewellery Business"

    Making jewelry at home and thinking your going to get rich is rediculous. Yea if you have a separate business that’s different. But doing crafts at home, a lot of people price so high they can’t sell any and wonder why. People are not going to pay all outdoors. People tend to get to greedy. I saw one comment cost of materials times ten! It just gets stupid.

    Great video! Thank you so much! Had a question; if I buy, say beads at a discount or sale, what do I charge for the beads? The original price or the discount price? My fear is that if I buy something at a discount, I might not always get that price again. I hope I make sense! Thank you!

    Thankyou for this video, it’s been really helpful to me as I always get confused with the numbers side of things. I love all your tutorials too, you explain them really clearly and they are so easy to follow, Thankyou

    Just found this – nice description, thanks.  How do you allocate consumables (e.g. cost of solder, pickle, gas, polishing materials, etc)  where you know how much you've spent but this will be spread (unevenly) amongst a number of projects?

    What a brilliant tutorial, and the spread sheet was not hard to find and I have now downloaded it and can finally see how to price what I make, and will be much more clued up as to what my costs really are like when I decide to do a craft fair (I've thought they were a waste of time, but now I know how to price my pieces, I think I can actually make it pay! Thank you so much for your time and videos.

    Hi, according to this video, any amount above material cost you call "profit". But, how is getting paid for your time (labor) considered profit? If it's a job or the work you do to survive, labor IS part of costs; imagine if you are paying someone else to do the labor, THAT would be a cost. You wouldn't consider paying an employee "profit", would you? Wouldn't profit be any amount above both material costs and labor (and overhead – office, utilities, insurance, etc.)? Thanks so much. Can't find the link to the spreadsheet.

    hi , this your video is very useful , i was trying to download this excel sheet , but when i go to your links , it is no more there.

    have two questions for you. 1 How much would it take to actually get started to do thi as a business, rather than just a hobby ?. 2 roughly and realistically, how much can I expect to make, once I have got started ?.

    No I am definitely not asking you to make an accurate estimation with a view to suing you if I don't make it, I'm just simply looking for a rough ball park income figure. Assuming that I am doing this full time, and working the usual eight hours a day.

    I just found your channel, and I love, love , love how this is explained. My question is on stringing material for jewelry. If you buy a bulk spool of thread, let's say 1,000 meters, and I use 5 meters in a piece, how would I input that into my formula?

    I am beginning my in-home jewelry business here in Atlanta Georgia, and this worksheet will be very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    So let's say you just started making a certain type of jewlery and it took you 1 hour to make it. Over time, you get the hang of making it so it takes you 30 minutes to make it. This means that the same jewelry will cost less … I'm wondering if this will cause problems. Like what if customers think that they were tricked into spending more money etc.

    I love your videos, just one thing. I live in America and your spreadsheet is in pounds. Is there anywhere i can get a version that uses the dollar system, I tried to go in and change it myself but broke the spreadsheet in the process. 🙁

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