Paper tank– How to make an origami paper tank – Hand Made

Paper tank– How to make an origami paper tank – Hand Made

Paper tank – How to make an origami paper tank – Hand Made
In this master class, I will show you how to make an origami paper tank yourself using origami technique! This model of hand made origami tank made of paper is very easy, you will be convinced of this if you start making hand made origami tank model with me! In my opinion – this is one of the best paper tank on the Internet. The paper tank is made in the technique of origami – this means that it is made without additional materials! Only paper and good mood! Based on the proposed master class, you can do your own original origami tank 3D. This model consists of a sheet of office paper and is quite suitable for beginners. In the of the video, you will know how to make hand made origami tank easy.

Fold the sheet in half. Horizontally divided into two bands folded in half. From one strip we will make the body of a paper tank. Straighten the strip and arrange it horizontally. In the right-hand side, alternately fold the corners up and down so that diagonal intersecting bends form. Having bent the lateral edges to the horizontal axis, we fold the right side of the strip into a double triangle (this is the basic shape that is used in origami).

The corners of the top layer of paper will be lean to the right top. Get the square. The upper and lower vertices of it will bend to the horizontal. The remaining right corners fill in the resulting pockets. Similarly, we deform the left side of the strip to add the square

The upper and lower parts add to the horizontal axis. Turn over the workpiece. The right side is folded to the left so that the upper and lower corners are aligned with the vertical axis. In the same way we will add the left part to the right, putting it on top of the previous addition. Shift the superimposed part to the left. Lift the corners. We will fill the shifted part under the right lane, and we will fill the corners a little higher, under the folds of the deformed square

Now proceed to the design of the chassis – tracks for our easy to do origami tank. Turn over the workpiece. From above and below we will add strips of the top layer 1 cm wide to the center. In this case, in all four corners will be triangular folds. Once again we add strips to the center so that the edges coincide with the inflection lines obtained in the previous addition. All four pending strips arrange perpendicular to the plane of the workpiece. Got caterpillars and their shield

In order to make a paper tank origami, become a formidable fighting machine, it must be armed. We supply it with a tower with a powerful gun. The remaining strip is divided into two parts. One of them is fat in half. Fold the upper and lower parts to the resulting inflection line. Turn over the workpiece. In a manner already known, we add the corners and transform the right-hand side into a double triangle

The corners of the upper layer add to the horizontal axis. Transform the left side into a double triangle (the next basic form of origami). Alternately lifting the triangles of the upper layer in the left part, we add the upper and lower halves to the horizontal. The folded parts are tucked under the corners on the right and left. We put the left part on the right so that the corners folded on the right enter the folds between the additions on the left

Pend away perpendicularly protruding triangles and the back. The remaining sheet is divided in half. From one half we will roll a tubule. In the left part flatten her perpendicularly. The flattened part is inserted into the slot of the tower. Get the gun. On the body of an origami tank, fold up the protruding petals and fill them in the fold in the bottom of the tower. When investing, they will divorce in different directions

Paper tank is ready! Experts say that the origami model of a tank made of paper is very similar to the American tank “Abrams”

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