How to Make Handmade Paper (Tutorial-DIY)

How to Make Handmade Paper (Tutorial-DIY)

Recycle your old paper stocks. Learn how to make your own decorative handmade paper, the easy way.

P.S: I changed the music due to copyright grounds

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    This was actually a very interesting video, and I liked the way you used things around the house vs. buying screens and using fancy equipment.

    This would really come handy if everyone tries. A waste reduced in a paste!! this is pretty environment-friendly…💝💝💝

    This is awful. The paper looks terrible and flimsy. The pulp has way too many huge chunks, and the method of forming the paper is horrible.

    And how do we make really smooth paper like the A4 ones for computer printing? Or even the smooth card stock kind?

    Thank you very much with this technique you actually help a little bit of mother earth and i have a wuestion how ,any homemade paper will that make?

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    This is great… I love the fact that you don't need one of those screens that all other videos are advertising.this is truly using things around the house. Thank you so much!!

    You're welcome. You could actually add the food coloring while blending/ mashing up your paper shreds. But what I did, was I added a few drops of coloring before molding it into the plastic lid. Either way works fine 😀

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