How to Make Hand-Made Dumpling Dough / 饺子面怎样和

How to Make Hand-Made Dumpling Dough / 饺子面怎样和

Homemade dumpling dough tastes much better than store-bought. The texture is more tender and tastes fresher. I always prefer to make my own dumpling dough, especially since it is so easy and enjoyable to make.
3 cups all purpose flour (380g)
1 1/4 cup water (300ml)
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    Thank you. I love your energy. I really could not understand much of what u were saying because your music was so loud.

    so much kneading! I bet those are delish! I doubt if I will get it right the first time. I usually roll out dough and cut into little rectangles. I'm not sure if the dough you made will be good for that since I see that you stuffed them. Maybe I wont need so much kneading for a simple dumpling, but then again I'm not sure. /rambling

    And just like that are they ready to eat? But wouldn't you be eating raw doe? Or do you have to fry them or bake them?

    Why the hell do you need the dough to rest?… It has to rest only when it has yeast in it so as to make the co2 bubbles in the bread

    I use the dumpling flour from the Chinese shop they come out so soft and white. If i use all purpose flour they come out like pasta.

    For some reason my came out no good at alll. I did exactly what you did but added a little sugar and yeast to it and it came out looking like the watons however you spell it. It was hard and no good:*(

    but how is the test for this dough, since you didn't use ( salt, sugar, vinegar, milk, egg!, some oil like olive oil … ) ?

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