How to build a Drill Press(Drill Guide) Machine | Handmade Drill stand

How to build a Drill Press(Drill Guide) Machine | Handmade Drill stand

I will show you how to make real tool that are not mocks.
I diverted electric drills and made a tabletop drilling machine that can drill holes vertically.
I tried to make a way to make the accuracy as accurate as possible by using the easiest possible tool.

The plan is here

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    I made a plan(設計図を作りました)

    Be my friend in real life. I would like to drink tea and watch your work and then we can talk about your masterpieces 🙂 subbed

    Great design , very well built , works well — But were is the safety guard ? You are wearing a ring on your left hand , what happens if the drill gets caught in it ? should put tape on it or take it off to be safe . Have a look at Heath and safety — H.S.E -I have Seen many of these videos , nearly all of them lack safety – only a few are built with good knowledge and grounding of health and safety showing an understanding and displaying good safe practice. What worries me is from the comments here ive read , most people comment how great these designs are – They also NEED to be shown how to be safe and build a safe pillar drill that protects the operator, id hate to think of a novice building this and ends up getting badly injured

    Saudações em Cristo: Belo trabalho. Aprecio vídeos que são feitos com extrema segurança e calma, pois se pode entender melhor o que esta sendo apresentado . Parabéns. Não consegui abrir o link:…. Como acessar. Creio as medidas do plano de corte estejam lá Aguardo resposta. Amém.

    З чого він взяв залізні рівчачки по яких ходе вверх та вниз сама піноль?

    Я никогда такой не сделаю, но почему мне так нравится смотреть сам процесс изготовления? Это завораживает… Размеренные, выверенные движения и… Из куска фанеры или древесины постепенно получается полезная вещь!

    Отлично получилось, но убаюкивает видео. Эх, видели бы вы руки наших мастеров. Все время мучило смутное сомнение, не девушка ли это)) без обид)

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