Hot New Custom & Bespoke Bike Tech From Bespoked UK Handmade Bicycle Show 2019

Hot New Custom & Bespoke Bike Tech From Bespoked UK Handmade Bicycle Show 2019

Today we’re bringing you the freshest, hottest and most awesome new tech from the custom bike world, from here at the Bespoked UK Handmade Bicycle Show. What’s your favourite?

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37 Comments on "Hot New Custom & Bespoke Bike Tech From Bespoked UK Handmade Bicycle Show 2019"

    FFS that Dear Susan aberration is vile. Great idea guys, really flash paint job on a bike designed to go on gravel, which will…ruin your paint.
    Headline grabbing, hipster nonsense.

    You should have a look on Le Concours de Machines in France in August. Challenge for the french framebuilders which has a lot of wonderful build !

    When the Stolz steel bike is so lightweight, it is not the steel frame! With 1,3 kg for the frame there is half a kg to spare with a carbon one, if you take the other frame from the Video. The weight saving comes purely from the components…

    Don't know what you seen on these bikes. if i take 40year Ukraine make custom fitted with new generation groupset and custom painted, then all of you will melt in crouch. if i show you bike design like that 10 years ago, you will be laughing and explaining how bad taste i have. what i seen its really 40 years old shit make from new materials, sorry not new materials only new manufacturing processes. I love bikes but not a one please to my eyes. possibly growth from hipsters shit.

    is Red-Etap a lighter solution than say mechanical dura-ace on that 5.9kg steel bike? Seems like cutting down on grip tape and then plopping some batteries on the bike isn't a win.

    #GCNTech #GCN Ollie, you should do a looking into professional ice hockey sticks. They are really pushing the science of carbon fiber manufacturing. I’ve seen that checkered carbon pattern on my hockey sticks for years.

    I would almost be prepared to live with Speedcontrol SL brakes again for that Barbastelle. Almost that is, I'll take discs. What a horrible set of brakes they were.

    Ollie, when you were talking about the Sturdy 3D printed Ti bike you said "It would be amazing someday to see a complete 3D printed bike". Well. There has been one around for several years. Renishaw PLC, a British additive manufacturing company, partnered with Empire cycles to produce a 3D printed Ti bike. They've been showing it at manufacturing trade shows for years. And Renishaw is headquartered in Bristol, not far from where GCN is located. You guys should do a show on them.–24154

    This guy always presents this stuff like he's no cyclist himself and every bike and component is something he never seen or even heard of. Maybe thats his strong side 😊

    This makes me one to leave my job and do something in the cycling industry. Olie looks like kid in a candy store. 🙂

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