HIT or MISS?! Trying LUSH (Handmade & Ethical) Makeup!

HIT or MISS?! Trying LUSH (Handmade & Ethical) Makeup!

As we all know LUSH is an awesome ethical beauty company and I wanted to see just how well the makeup line held up on this ol’ face! Enjoy!

LUSH Colour Supplement in ‘Dark Yellow’
LUSH The Colour Eyeliner in ‘Independent’
Xo Beauty Eyebrow Brush (http://bit.ly/2lKCSEH)
LUSH Eyes Right Mascara
LUSH Skin Tint in ‘Charisma’ and ‘Feeling Younger’
MAC 188 Duo Fibre Brush (http://bit.ly/2mSn0Sd)
BH Cosmetics 140 Highlight Brush (http://bit.ly/2mSjAPc)
LUSH Handmade Colour Lipstick in ‘Believe’
RMS ‘Un’ Powder (http://bit.ly/2mSpobC)
Wayne Goss 01 Brush
Zoeva Luxe Focus Face Brush

LUSH Australia: https://au.lush.com/products/eyes
LUSH UK Store: https://uk.lush.com/products/face-0
LUSH Canada: http://www.lush.ca/en/makeup/
LUSH US: http://www.lushusa.com/makeup/


Manager/Business Inquiries ONLY:

All Australian enquiries please contact MAX CONNECTORS (admin@MaxConnectors.com.au)

U.S./Canadian inquiries please contact Kevin Johnson
( Kevin@Renegade-Mgmt.com )

Countries outside of these can contact either.

*Please note I am not available for makeup artist services*

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39 Comments on "HIT or MISS?! Trying LUSH (Handmade & Ethical) Makeup!"

    Trust me or not but lush make up sucks. Worse make up
    Not worth to spend money on this shit make up. It can be good for thoes who want just light and natural looks.
    I am happy with my mac, nars, anastasia and chanel make up.

    Honestly they repackaged their mascara and I love it so much, and the bronzer is super nice as well as the highlighter, I’m pretty tan and the highlight is gold on me

    Chloe does a really good job working with the make up she's dealt with. I hate lush's make up, but Chloe somehow made it look good. Amazing job!

    its funny what you said at the end because to me, this is very glam. this is what youd see models wearing on a runway. a powerful red lip, dramatic eyeliner, and glowing skin

    First you tuber to basically like it all :/ I didn’t like it no one I know likes it not even in the Lush community page I’m on.

    Ever since you said you bought these products from qvb, ive been keeping an eye out to see if i ever see you chloe where are you ILY

    I really want try the highligter and foundation because my skin is super dry. The highligter looks gorgeus❤
    You are so flawless and pretty❤

    Omg I LOVE that you put the price for people who have different currencies. I’ve never seen a YouTuber that does that, and I appreciate that so much omg!❤️

    What I really like about your tutorials is how you have more of a practical approach when showing how the products go for the whole day

    I have Lush's Grease Lightning gel. Even when its not humid i use it before my moisturizer. I think it would help if youre using their oil-based makeup products😊

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