Handmade Portraits: Sarah Faber, Art Doll Maker (Original Cut)

Handmade Portraits: Sarah Faber, Art Doll Maker (Original Cut)

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Blackeyedsuzie’s style was influenced by her love for Gothic novels, Victorian and Elizabethan costumes and Dame Darcy’s comic Meat Cake. Her dolls are infused with the same elongated, wide-eyed traits as the characters of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton. However, Sarah’s dolls have their own style: Victorian beauties with a dark side — card sharks, bourbon drinkers, albinos and vampires…

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For an updated version of this video, please go here: http://youtu.be/t29-bYgFxCc.

33 Comments on "Handmade Portraits: Sarah Faber, Art Doll Maker (Original Cut)"

    These dolls are amazing. They are much more than a doll. They belong in a museum to be stared at for a long time. They express so much emotion, and I could easily make up a story for each one of them. I wish they weren't all so sad, no more tragic looking– they look like they are in deep depression or grief. But still they are amazing. What do you make the head and body out of? I hope their sadness isn't a representation of how you feel 🙁  . Be happy! you're an amazing artist!  P.s. what did you make the wigs from?

    I wasn't sure what to expect but I now know that I am not a fan of this style of doll. To me, their faces are full of misery and aren't there enough of those in the world already? The dolls here give me the creeps so if that was the intention, they have quite an impact. Also, not wishing to be rude, but the title suggested a tutorial, not your life story.

    love your dolls … they seem have a Tim Burton element when looking at their faces and expressions … great work! Donna

    They're pretty but she needs to fix the eyes- it looks like they all have that disease where your lower eyelid peels away from your eyeball… It grosses me out when I get to the face but I think the dolls themselves are beautiful and unique.

    I tried this but got extreamly freaked out while working on it because the dolls eyes were on me the whole time 0.0

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