Handmade Portraits: Artstew

Handmade Portraits: Artstew

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Back in the 1970’s Holly Stewart aka Artstew was a single mom trying to raise two daughters. Holly decided to forgo art school to support her family, ultimately paying the bills and gaining respect within her Oklahoma City community by becoming a police officer. Even as she put in her time with the force (15 years!), she was always drawing…
(music by Michael Chapman, Steve Gunn, The And Group, animation by JuliaPott)
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    Bravo !! It wonderful to see you living your passion !! You stand out as a woman not afraid to show your true character and strength !!

    This is great!
    I recently left my full time job (it was no picnic) and finished my BFA. I am now a full time artist and could not be happier. It took me too many years to realize that I was missing out on what I was put on this earth to do. Make art!

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    amazing!! 🙂

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    you seem like you're already are very interesting and inspirational.

    i think when you'Re touch by something and you take the time to share your thoughts with people it shows how much of an artist you are
    does that make any sense ?

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