HANDMADE makrame

HANDMADE makrame

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    плетение получится рыхлое если плести шнуром, а твёрдой веревкой ремень получится "колом", так что ерунда этот ваш салат. плетение тьфу, не тратьте время. Девушки милые, музыка убой.

    The young lady making the Macrame is insanely talented , this is pure craftsmanship at its finest and her dedication and level of perfectionism is fantastic, she is a true artist. The other lady , though should be on Paris Runways , she is a pure beauty and world class supermodel material , I am definitely sending the link of this video to Elite and other agencies .

    Beautiful work!!  Is there anyway you can tell me what kind of cord you are using in English…I would be so greatful!  Thankyou and Blessings!  🙂

    Wow, wot an execellent tutorial, looks like I will shopping for a belt buckle. Thanks for taking time to make this video, really appreciated!

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