Handmade Knife

Handmade Knife

My first handmade knife and how I built it.

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    Rusty, U made one nice knife there buddy!!!  Did U ask for a specific kind of steel and what kind of wood did U use for the handle?  Also, to U plan to seal the handle with something?

    that's cool me and grandpa made knifes together, he would shape them and I would sharpen them, then he gave all of us kids a knife.

    Cool thanks for the neat video. My friend and I use to make these at our work LOL. We usually put a antler on them though. You did a nice job. Are you going to make a scabbard? My friend did for his but I never make a scabbard. This video took me back in time thanks.

    Yep I like MrHevyshevy ideal an I know what I want for Christmas next year really nice work Rusty thanks for the video take care Edd.

    Hot dawg Lloyd, just think about how many fingers I could cut off my hand with that awesome pig-sticker! Super work Brother!

    hey that really turned out super cool very well .layed out video and i was just wondering what type of wood did you use on the handle

    Good looking item, does it hold its edge?
    The best knife I made was using a broken blade from a mechanical hacksaw, worked great!

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