Handmade Flowers – Craftbrulee

Handmade Flowers – Craftbrulee

Available from my store and my Etsy – TFW

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    Hi….!! I want ask u a question, how can i learn to do this accesoryes, do u make a tutorial vidios? I live in Venezuela!!

    Then could you PLEASe put a link to the videos you made a tutorial for? Bcuz I looked thru your vids and I did not see any.

    these are great i just found this video i have been making newspaper and coffee filter flowers also. new subbie! you did a great job! xx-Amy

    thanks for sharing this video with us .ur work is amazing .no words for it .i just luv them so much .hey i also make these type of clips and flowers at my home too .i ll also make my channel (inshallah).

    Hello, your flowers are so beautiful, I would love to be able to make some, do you have a tutorial anywhere so I could see how you go about making them??
    Love from Mary

    thank you!! btw you mini is finished but it soo bad, I will explain in video, you dont have to use it if you dont like it, I just got soooo nervous that I got super silly and made so many mistakes! sorry was trying so hard to make a nice one like yours, but at least i finished something……….lol

    hi babe thanks so much for showing, how beatuiful love the paper ones! not seen ones like them before

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