Handmade DIY – Fish Knot Bracelet

Handmade DIY – Fish Knot Bracelet

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An awesome bracelet made by fish knotting technique
More tutorials visit: http://www.beads-projects.com

44 Comments on "Handmade DIY – Fish Knot Bracelet"

    omg does this person gender really matter!?! ….this video is about crafting and this person has amazing craftsmanship everyone needs to grow up

    😺 i'm so excited!😁 …. finally, a bracelet simple enough that i know i can handle it, & so pretty, that i cannot wait to make one!! 💗 thank-you, canalcraft! 💁

    I love your work and thank you for sharing your talent. Is it possible to use three colors, if so how would I do it? Thank you.

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