handmade crossbow – handmade arrow არბალეტი

handmade crossbow – handmade arrow არბალეტი


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    Great looking crossbow. My only criticism would be the coking mechanism as the cranking is loud. Can't you use a foot strap and pull the string up?

    nice would like to see the trigger mech, 1 suggestion if you look at your target notice the off shots are almost a straight line at an angle to center, when you showed through your scope you scope needs to rotate about 1 degree counterclockwise about the same as you target , the horizontal cross hair was that much off your string, not a huge thing but every bit of accuracy you can squeeze makes it easier for you, nice wood work by the way.

    excallent work, love the internal winch, probably needed with 300plus lb draw.i would surely try some carbon fiber bolts about 400 grains, better spine strength for that kinda velocity

    საღოლ, მაგარია! მონაცემები მაგარი აქვს. რამდენს იწონის არბალეტი?

    True workmanship I love it…..I'm going to try it my self and build one new world order is here and that's an awesome weapon and for hunting to service thank you for putting video up

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