Handmade Capunti with Jason Stoneburner

Handmade Capunti with Jason Stoneburner

Incredibly versatile, this little bean-pod pasta can be rustic or fancy, take less than hour to make, and is perfectly suited for any sauce. Jason Stoneburner, chef/owner of Seattle’s Stoneburner restaurant, shows us how to make this gorgeous, but simple pasta. http://chfstps.co/2ky4G2A

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22 Comments on "Handmade Capunti with Jason Stoneburner"

    Does anyone know where to get a board similar to that? I have seen plain ones with horizontal lines in it, but not a fancy one like that.

    I really dislike silent videos. I would watch every video on your channel. But when it's silent I just instantly becomes unwatchable to me.

    Help me. What did I do wrong? I followed all the steps.
    Boiled the pasta for 2 minutes, and went to the town.
    Came back and there's still no sauce on my pasta

    Bob's Red Mill has "Semolina" from Durum wheat. In fact, a lot of the flours I see is durum wheat AND semolina. So what is the differentiating character of the two flours you guys are talking about.

    I assumed the pasta had eggs, but when he only mixed flour with water (saffron water), I was totally mind blown.

    Can anyone tell me the difference between pasta made from flour and water vs. flour and egg???

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