Handmade, 18 KT gold ring antique style .

Handmade, 18 KT gold ring antique style .

Handmade, 18KT gold ring antique style, with three diamonds old cut

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    I really enjoy watching you and other artists get down Bro.. My Unk is a silversmith too.. Hoping one day to go into it myself.. Keep up the nice work bro.. 👍🏽

    I have just recently found here videos. I can't even begin to tell you how mind blown I am. I am self taught and have been sculpting and cutting stones and all kinds of materials making jewelry for about 40 years. I just want to thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and your talent with us. Sincerely Dennis DiBonaventura.

    Весь рисунок кривой. Основа кольца вообще непонятно из чего сделана.

    I think your skills are amazing and this is a great way to show people how to do it if you can't carve wax but I would much rather lost wax cast that ring because of all the gold wasted in dust on your table and in the crevices of everything from the sawing. Also, I like the walls of my ring to be solid with no hollows. Just my opinion though. Amazing talent. Kudo's.

    If anyone wonders what type of people watch this – I'm relaxing at home in bed, and this video is peaceful to enjoy, no brain usage at all 😀

    once again – a good investment of u tube time 🙂 thank you for putting these process videos up. Do you ever visit the UK to offer workshops, or can I come to Italy for a few days and take a workshop. Your use of gravers is magnificent!

    AWSOME Scaffoal !!!
    So…. If you sold me some scrap gold pieces right out of your scrap bucket( at a fair price to you), I would then feel like I made a special project. I can acquire gold anywhere , but it wouldn't be from you shop😊

    Also in hole that you'll read this I'd like to inquire what the pricing would be for a piece such as the one made in the video only it would be silver instead of gold and zirconia instead of diamonds.i just graduated high school and I'd like to commemorate the occasion by treating myself with something sort of elegant and not so expensive. I'd really appreciate it if you answered my question, thanks and keep up the good work.

    I one were to go Into this profession what schooling would one need, do you even have to go to school?, to clarify I'm not putting into question the complexity of the process my question is completely transparent.

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