World's Easiest Hand Made Leather Dog Collar

World's Easiest Hand Made Leather Dog Collar

Here is a quick video of us Making Neubert a new Hand-made Leather collar. What a fun and pretty easy project.
Here is the beginner kit I used:

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28 thoughts on “World's Easiest Hand Made Leather Dog Collar

  1. Honestly this was helpful. I did a ww2 project and decided to make my artifact a dog collar and make my project about dogs that served in ww2. Thanks for the tutorial :3

  2. Dude, you were this close to tipping over that bottle of dye…(I could go on and on with not to-dos) but I'll leave it at that– would have been a major disaster.

    Let the hate begin…

  3. I just started ,and have only practiced on a few scraps..thanks for a wonderful informative video..yall did a fantastic job..thanks again..

  4. Very nicely done. My only concern was with how strong the screw rivets are, since the collar may get strained if you're dog pulls on it. I would recommend either use copper rivets (the ones you hammer) or add a few stitches to reinforce.

  5. I love how much the dog loved his collar! Great video, I’m motivated to try this out for my dogs!

  6. some positive feedback. you inspired me to try this and guess what. i did it. so thanks and i have a new hobby

  7. I think it looks amazing! I'm just getting started in leather working, & need to get some of those cool tools! #wishlist

  8. Great work! It fit him perfect! I’ve been trying to make/get one for my dogs, would you be interested in taking an order?

  9. Those screws (i.e. you said grommet) you used are called "Chicago Screws" ! They are used a lot in horse tack.

  10. i think you did a fine job for your pup and you have a few rough edges but overall, very well done.

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