Woolen doll face / hand made

Woolen doll face / hand made

In this video you can see Woolen doll / hand made.


ORIGAMI STAR – https://goo.gl/q2L1mK

ORIGAMI butterfly – https://goo.gl/nXYIHG

ORIGAMI Dress for girl – https://goo.gl/Vr27jZ

ORIGAMI chair – https://goo.gl/TbOeQ6

Kirigami Chain of Boy and Girl – https://goo.gl/jYJxgq

ORIGAMI Umbrella – https://youtu.be/PEuV3eAisAk

ORIGAMI 3D star – https://youtu.be/isWVUQVRjQE

ORIGAMI Bag – https://youtu.be/Vy72BZYy_IY


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C-art with Rekha

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  1. По всякому крутят помпоны, но чтобы на кастрюлю? Это жесть!👍👏👏

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