Wooden Caravan – Handmade Camper Truck

Wooden Caravan – Handmade Camper Truck

the incredible gypsy caravan is like a tiny wooden house on wheels. An all handmade Camper Truck placed on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. For adventure and off-road trips.
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28 thoughts on “Wooden Caravan – Handmade Camper Truck

  1. Worst camera work ever.Is there some reason we don't get a tour of van.Too bad .Had high expectations.

  2. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Woodline – Спринтер из красного дерева (видео)
    Голландская компания Tonke выпускает необычные дома на колесах – с жилым модулем из натурального красного дерева.

  3. What legal regulations, if any, are there for what you can slap together and bolt to a truck frame ? This concept of a ground up, DIY caravan intrigues me.

  4. Nice job! nice truck conversion.
    I'm also building a camper, sleeps 5, solar powered by 150 watt panel and 200 amh batteries self contained water and Porta potty. Slides into a utility trailer , 13 ft with 6ft. Head room but light. I need some sujestions to complete it. Thanks
    Mac camper 136

  5. The whole video was pointless. you talked and drank coffee sitting outside. do we ever get a tour of the van?

  6. Nope don't like it! Why would you have a flat area just behind and above the cab Talk about wind resistance. Would have been so easy to build a more wind friendly shape utilizing the above cab area. It could also be used as storage.

    Went to the link and checked out the interior. Nope don't like it either! Uninviting and cheap looking. Hire a designer to make the interior more attractive.

    Well that's just my opinion.

  7. Try building one in America….you will go to prison! They can't tax you on that except for building materials…
    If you are homeless, you are not allowed to just build a home, LOL! That's why we make prisons, the most in the world, to get rid of all these annoying homeless shelters and people. But I would love the idea if it didn't involve prison.

  8. Some real fantastic photos and learning abilities real ideas thank you very much I really enjoy I spent hours looking at you too on buildings of all kinds.

  9. That is the best rv I have seen yet. Modern, yet rustic. Very homey, yet still a work of art. I like the curtains. Gypsey, yachtish, rustic, artistic….it incorporates the best of everything into one. If I every come into money I will have one shipped to Florida in the U.S. Two kids, a job making these. I want to be you in my next life.

  10. Beautiful work.  The completed project is a work of Art.  Amazing what you can create when you follow your passion in life.  

  11. 29 juni open dag bij Tonke campers, vele Tonke campers aanwezig uit binnen- en buitenland. Kom kennismaken met de mensen achter Tonke. Van 11:00 tot 16:00 in Terheijden Noord-Brabant.

    Nothing new here. Still No innovation in the industry (RV’s) = only a new design.
    Sorry but… NO PRACTICAL UPGRADE = TECNOLOGY innovations.

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