Why The Best Chefs Use Handmade Knives

Why The Best Chefs Use Handmade Knives

On today’s episode of Shokunin, meet Chelsea Miller, a Brooklyn-based knife maker who learned the trade from her father. Watch for a look into Miller’s Williamsburg studio and to hear more about her process, which embodies the shokunin (or “dedicated artisan”) spirit.

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26 thoughts on “Why The Best Chefs Use Handmade Knives

  1. I made a replica of her chef knife as a goof, it took me 40mins total. I wouldn’t ask $8 let alone $800.

  2. These knives are absolute trash. I feel bad for the chefs who buy this garbage. It’s just a sharpened piece of trash steel.

  3. She literally ground an edge onto horse hoof rasp… 😂

    I bet that glides right thru stuff when cutting.. 🤔🙄😂

  4. Anyone looking for some real quality custom kitchen knives should check this awesome video below. (http://cutbrooklyn.com/) https://vimeo.com/31455885?fbclid=IwAR2gNRlRxfhh7DhAbSmefSCyRdOmAG3C7Zqr2oCrKGbdB0dJ1wpse6LSsbo

  5. 'Eater' could have probably picked someone like Bob Kramer, who has actual skill in the craft. Though I don't blame them for presenting Chelsea Miller specifically for the views.

  6. Pretty lame video. Had it been about her and her knives, fine, had it been about the title, fine, had it been about a handmade chef knife, fine.

    But to present these as suitable for a pro chef is ridiculous, the video itself is incoherent and all over the place.

    Regarding the knife maker, and much as I appreciate anyone who makes things with their hand, or that manages to make a living as an artisan, I have to say her descriptions and her work seem like a gigantic piss-take, I felt like I was watching a mockumentary about a fictional Brooklyn hipster artisan. She know al the buzzwords but without understanding their meaning. Her website is comedic.

  7. The fact that she says horse file, and grater really makes me want to go stab myself with one of her soft, useless "knives"

  8. She says she cuts the rasps with an oxy/gas torch. But in her shop I see no quench bucket, no normalizing oven/setup, and also she was grinding on that blade without cooling it in water so there was probably no hardness left to that steel. That is a terrible 800 dollar knife. You want to see a real life maker and craftsman look up Alec Steele

  9. The girl making knives is great. But these chefs are just so arrogant and shitty. I got outta the restaurant business because of these arrogant bearded chefs. Good upload!

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