Vinyl and Hand-Made Market at "SevCable" Port. St Petersburg, Russia

Vinyl and Hand-Made Market at "SevCable" Port. St Petersburg, Russia

“SevCable” (Northern Cable) Port is the multi-functional public space for different kids of festivals, markets, exhibitions, food court, cafe and restaurants. Located right on the shore of the Gulf of Finland in a former part of “SevCable” factory.

This weekend, at the 2-3 of May, 2019, there was the festival “The Spring Market Near The Sea”.

Vinyl market, designer’s clothes, organic cosmetics, stylish ceramic furniture, wooden toys, the latest book releases, craft beer and lemonades and many more.

It was my second visit. The first one was exactly 4 months ago, at the 3rd of January, 2019, for “One Love” Festival featuring Magicool – funk and nu-disco band from St Petersburg, Russia –

Aerial shots with DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, I recently got thankful to contributions at

Would loved to make more aerial shots but it was really scary due to a decent wind.

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Sergey Baklykov / Real Russia

27 thoughts on “Vinyl and Hand-Made Market at "SevCable" Port. St Petersburg, Russia

  1. По-моему он хочет стать англоязычным Варламовым

  2. What a cool place to spend the day!!! I can’t believe it’s still cold there Sergei! It’s gonna be in the low 90’s F here today!

  3. Wow! Dear Sergey, now, with a new quadrocopter, your videos look totally professional! Every video is a masterpiece! I'm afraid to think about the amount of work you do every time.

    Such an interesting fashionable place! For modern hipsters 🙂

  4. Классное видео👏👏👏👏! Я в Краснодаре открывала когда-то творческую студию и там на нашем пространстве мы тоже устраивали эти Маркеты.
    И ещё бабуля – офигенская.

  5. another good vid , nice drone footage hope to see more of these because this is a beautiful city.

  6. I need to not visit Russie land. I will get in trouble for squeezing (hugging) everyone.

  7. My God, Sergey! Never have I seen so many beautiful women in one place. Here in America, more than half are either fat or ugly, sometimes both! Thanks again for showing us your beautiful city and it's people.

  8. What a great place. Ah, vinyl! Used vinyl is great! Sergey, you should do a tour of the vinyl shops around St. Petersburg.
    There is one other thing there that I noticed….lots of friendly Russians, of course! Such wonderful places! So many smiles! I can only dream of places and atmospheres like that. (Certainly won't find it where I live. at least, not the friendly people anyway).

  9. Must've been a really good beer there, Sergey!! I love the look of that market, and the surrounding area..fantastic!

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