tutorials for some handmade embellishments and ideas

tutorials for some handmade embellishments and ideas

Thank you for stopping by. Hope these things are helpful for those of you who don’t have access to some trims and embellishments. such as trims and wedding appliques. Hugs and God Bless. V

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32 thoughts on “tutorials for some handmade embellishments and ideas

  1. I no of a wonderful store on line that you or a friend can try . It is called KS4U is the name and not bad prices . You do pay for shipping. I do like it

  2. Love your ideas. For those pieces of material that you have pearls and things on like wedding dresses by heat and bond. then you can cut it and nothing is lost they have two kinds of heat and bond single and double. I also like the hem tape in a roll same thing iron it on and cut nothing is lost . I am so sorry for being long winded but I wanted to let you know . Love your videos. Lots of happy crafting.

  3. So many good ideas. Thanks for a you do. A lot of info in a short time. Will have to as e and watch more than once

  4. I really enjoyed this vr, you speak a lot of sense, great ideas for us beginners especially, I need all the help I can get lol. Thank you Virginia. Mary new subbie

  5. Thank you for inspiring me. I Saw your video a year ago. But I just sub now because I did not know how to do it😊
    And now I have my own channel

  6. Great ideas hun. Love the loopy trim you made and adding pearls to mesh bling. So many great ideas. Love them all. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs, Julia 💕💕

  7. Hi Virginia! I’m new to your channel, I just wanted to tell you that I love your ideas and tell you thank you for sharing them. 😊

  8. This video was fabulous. I just subbed to you. I love your artistic vision and ingenuity. Thank you so much for sharing. You are a treasure.

  9. Hey Virginia, I just hit on this Accidently and decided to watch and WA LA YOU TAUGHT M ABOUT 10 things that are invaluable to me as I just started out and don't have a lot to work with so I have to make due with what I have. I have of course subscribed to you and thank you so much for all the ideas!😍😍🇺🇸

  10. Wow Virginia, loved all the unique ideals on how to use all the little things you already have around your craft room to put them together to make some amazing unique embellishments and trims… I'm pretty crafty but you even showed me something new.. So TFS hugs Darlene xx

  11. wow im also raising my grand baby…. do you have a Facebook I can follow. I love your videos… your so good at making things from nothing…you inspire me….

  12. I have to think outside the box! I'm on a bit of a budget and you can us so many different things to come up with unique ideas. Hugs V

  13. You have some great ideas!!!! I have a box of those fruit bags. I never thought to use them that way. The tulle you did is so pretty!!!!

  14. Virginia i found some of your older videos and they are just great! When i saw the white frilly fringe you used in the back of the flower it made me think of what i did with the black plastic wrapping from a spiral ham. It looked just like that white you have. I used it on a beautiful black and silver cuff i made. I love to recycle! And thanks for all the great ideas i love them all! Hugs!

  15. This is such an interesting video , thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas. This can be so helpful , I live in a tiny town with only the post office drug store, small grocery and hotel. There is no where other than the seniors thrift store to find anything. It takes at least half an hour to drive to another small town and longer to drive to the city and in winter that is not always a possibility. TFS. Hugs Nola

  16. Thanks Virginia for more ideas. I do get most of my materials, flowers, embellishments , trims and dangles from clothes, towels, wedding dresses, bedspreads, curtains, etc And I go to Habitat for humanity and there's one little corner I know to go to where I find lots of different things. Yesterday I got a bagful stickers, mailing labels, classic stamps & stencils, 6 rubbery doilies (never saw these before, must be old but never opened), paper doilies. Page protectors, Wilton favor box kit (which I just bought a set new at Michaels), lg inspirational magnets, unopened bag of 20 plastic treat bags (lg) animal print , Baggie with 4 beautiful lace trims, gel ink paper journal, new baby footprint cookie cutters that I'm going to use for embellishments, 6 grip pads for mounting wall art, bag of large cut out letters, bunch of 1" Xmas trees someone made from , like a thick sequence , , more little things. they have a HUGE bin left (used to be 4 bins, of silver shower curtain holders with 5 balls & a clip w/ 12 to a pkg that I have been buying. You can paint them if you want and I paint the silver balls & use them for any pocket letters I do to hang with other charms, on the side. You can use them for any craft books or journals you make, so since I have given some away, I bought more$.75 for 12. All for a total of $13 & change!! Then next door to Tuesday morning to get towels on sale (finally) for the lace, trim & flowers I love! Your right! Look at the unexpected! Except don't ask people for the clothes off their back because you love the trim on their shirt (I almost did) because you could end up in a place where there is NO CRAFTING:-))

  17. How about if you use the netting to make a fence with that and the popsicle sticks. Then just cut several dies and have them leaning against the fence and use the tie as a flag on a flag pole or use it as a banner on the top of the box. Try to make the box look like a house if you can. Hope that helps. Let me know. Hugs V

  18. Im very new to altering items and you gave us so many great ideas. Ive been collecting the bags from fruits and veggies for years .I use them on scrapbook pages.  Im working on a project for 2  money collecting boxes for work.For Habitat for Humanity and im  a little stuck .There not flowery or frilly. I have Popsicle sticks  dies for hard hat screwdriver, drill and a hammer.  I also have a long mens tie that they gave us in dark blue that has tools on it and says Habitat for Humanity .I have an embossing folder that looks like a steel  tool box and my funds are on a freeze from buying so i have to use what i have any ideas would be great. I love this video Thanks

  19. One of the most informative and useful videos I've seen in a while. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information for doing it ourselves. Hugs, A.D.

  20. It's the best afternoon I had passing it watching your video . You made the most awesome crafts with pearls . Love your great ideas how to save money . I enjoy your tutorial . Thank you   Rose-Marie in Canada 

  21. Thank you V for sharing this awesome embellies and what great idea's to make different things with scraps
    hugs Bonnie

  22. So much fun to spend some time with you 🙂  I love your creative ideas and I look forward to watch your next video. Big hugs,Marta xxx.

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