The Jerk – Handmade Jerkbait

The Jerk – Handmade Jerkbait

This video covers all the steps involved in making your own homemade jerkbait in balsa. We start out with some pieces of balsa and end up with som beautiful lures that really catch northern pikes.

Download the sketch here:

To see a bit about how well the lure work when fishing for northern pike please see this video:

If you understand danish you should consider watching the danish version of the video, that is in 2 parts and has a bit more details:

For a complete and very thorough tutorial on how to make balsa fishing lures, I advise you to visit Paul Adams youtube channel called the Handmade Fisherman and see the series in 6 parts starting with this one:

Materials needed:
– Balsa plate 8 mm
– Stainless steel wire 0,8-1 mm
– Round bar of lead 7 mm
– Wood glue
– Epoxy
– Paint
– 3D stick on eyes

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34 thoughts on “The Jerk – Handmade Jerkbait

  1. Really Great videos! Ive just started making ny own jerkbaits, similar to urs but slightly bigger. I wonder if there is any specific formula to calculate how much weight i should use? Very thankful for ur answer. /hannes

  2. Hello! I very much enjoy watching your tutorials and have learnt a great deal from them. Thank you tremendously for your dedication to lure making and for sharing your knowledge with the world. I do have a question to ask of you. Balsa wood is not available in my neck of the woods, do you have any recommendations on alternate wood types that I can use to substitute?

  3. Brilliant video the details on how to make them and and the photography is excellent, i have subscribed keep the video's coming ; one question is will we ever see you lures on sale i think they would do very well.
    Mike from the UK

  4. Hi..was wondering where you get your stencils for the mackerel lines and scales ..great vid thanks

  5. Hello, I have a series on my channel called "What to watch Wednesdays" where I feature a playlist of videos from other youtubers who I have either learned from, been inspired by, or entertained by. This week's topic is all about hand crafted baits and lures. Would you mind if I add this video to this week's playlist? Thanks for the great videos, amazing stuff!

  6. Very very good video!! I will make some of your style lures for big pike here in northern Saskatchewan Canada 👍🏼

  7. Thank you for this great tutorial! I browsed through the comments to see if someone else asked this already but could not find it… Which size hooks do you use with this jerkbait? Thank you in advance!

  8. How does these lures keep up when catching big pike? Balsa wood is quit soft, does the lure get easy damaged when the pike bite them?

  9. you are very thorough and explain things very well. I really love this channel! Thanks so much!!

  10. thanks make beautiful lures.i make some out of surf foam and works pretty good.just if a big fish bites the foam explodes into pieces.even with strong epoxys.

  11. I would love to have one one thoes or a cupple of them u are very talented I injoyed watching this video u keep up the good work I hope to see more

  12. very impressive. I can't find those micro bubbles in my country. You think it will work if I substitute it with some styrofoam powder? What kind of epoxy do you use for topcoat ?

  13. hi, i'm just wondering what cameras you use. i could see a gopro, but what type were the others. fantastic video by the way and the lures look brilliant.

  14. using other wood such as white cedar, or other non sappy ( as in pine ) soft woods native to your region, would allow you to make a more neutral buoyancy bait "slow sink" without using a lot of weight that would reduce the action of those want to make that type of jerk bait.. just a thought 🙂

  15. Olá, sou do Brasil e tenho assistido os seus Vídeos, que vem me inspirando bastante, pois
    gosto demais da pesca e com suas dicas, vou com certeza fazer as minhas Iscas artificiais e poupar um bom dinheiro, pois aqui no Brasil são bastante caras, se tiverem a qualidade e o carinho de quem as Produziu, parabéns pelo seu excelente trabalho e obrigado por repassar seus conhecimentos. Um Abraço.

  16. Very impressive results. It would kill me if I spent all that time making one of these and I lost it.

  17. Hej – Fantastisk guide, efter et par års geddefiskeri nu er det vist tid til at lave mine egne jerkbaits og tailbaits, det eneste jeg mangler svar på er hvad træet hedder på dansk, også hvor man køber en air brush og hvordan den lige fungere? Har du evt. link? På forhånd tak for svar 🙂

  18. Very nice Video, want to start making my own lures after watching your videos!! Can you tell me the name of your holding device for the painting-job in your plastic-tub??? Greetings from Germany! I added you on facebook

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