The Art of Handmade Pasta

The Art of Handmade Pasta

Two artisan pasta makers perform their craft, exploring a beautiful marriage between eggs and flour.

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Michael White
Chris Borgatti

Bring Home Borgatti’s

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49 thoughts on “The Art of Handmade Pasta

  1. They like to make it look complicated it's actually one of the easiest foods you can produce.
    Everyone can do pasta.

  2. In case someone in the comment is wondering. Nobody does this on a regular basis in Italian houses. It's something special and our grannies sometime make it for Christmas, but we eat packaged pasta all the time

  3. they should do it like Japanese, just make those beautiful pastas in front of customers, boil the pastas in front of customers. It is such a joy to see the process of making.

  4. How to make the handmade pasta! Our recipe! Try it!😊😊😋

  5. I love the camera work in this video. The people in the frames and the pasta have a story to tell that the camera man encapsulates perfectly!

    Keep making such great content Tasty, Kudos!

  6. Thank you for the informative video! you can also look my works and You can also appreciate my works))) it will be nice to know the opinion of a professional in art !!!

  7. I have to agree, had a handmade pasta dish while visiting nyc and the difference is astounding. I'm not a huge spaghetti fan but the dish I ordered was stupidly delicious.

  8. How about you stop putting your hand in that roller? its super unsafe and showing people you should do that is a liability.

  9. THIS is not Italy recepy im know the best recepy and Gallic oil WHit truffel are the best combination

  10. "I remember my father used to say, if it's an egg noodle that means you have to put eggs in it" – That did not fill me with confidence about the quality of american made pasta.

  11. People coming to eat your food is the best feeling ever if you are actually passionate about cooking 🙂

  12. Pathetic. I am more qualified to be a pasta master for using clay doh as the foundation of my expertise

  13. 2:26 “creating it, designing it, finishing it…” Jesus, those sheets of pasta made me thought the chef was holding textiles in his arms! lightbulb moment I want clothes and pillows and beds made of nothing but pasta

  14. i love how happy they are. i love how they clearly genuinely enjoy what they do, and how happy they are to keep doing it for the rest of their short lives.
    i hope someday i can find that kind of fulfillment too.

  15. Why is it that when i see those machines, the first thing I think about is some mafia pushing the fingers of some delinquent creditor into the rollers…

  16. These are definitely the best raviolis I have ever had in my life. My parents live near New York City and I live in Vermont. I beg them to bring these raviolis when they come to visit.😁

  17. The Japanese and Chinese make all their noodles by hand. These pretty metal machines take all the soul from the chef and ingredients.

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