TENDER – Handmade Ego

TENDER – Handmade Ego

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48 thoughts on “TENDER – Handmade Ego

  1. Tender and Lo Moon are both the best artists I heard in decades. I writing my first novel to their songs and it's been amazing

  2. Eu amo uma banda. Incrível essa habilidade q vcs tem de não conseguirem fazer músicas ruinsss!!! Tá lindo, continuem

  3. Been listening to your songs occasionally, but lately… I think I've found my favourite band! Keep it up, your music is breathtaking!

  4. Just found your music today and played this on repeat. This song hits that spot I try to hide away.

  5. this song makes me wanna do some bad shit with my boyfriend lol

    I like how it's both expressing the physical and psychological/emotional deep intimacy

    the ultimate naughty intimate song, it's perfect

  6. ¡Aaaaaah que buena propuesta musical acabo de descubrir con Tender!… ¡Riquísimos sonidos! 💙

  7. I can't explain how happy their songs make meeee new ones mean happiness for a while ahhhhh

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