Street Musicians with unbelievable handmade Guitars (ferielesett)

Street Musicians with unbelievable handmade Guitars (ferielesett)

Street Musicians with unbelievable handmade Guitars
On the corner of Vienna street (Karlsplatz), the young artist was busy playing with handmade guitars very strange but interesting and creative. I stand with the people to listen this instrument and enjoyed it and were happy to help them out financially.
In the hope that all artists are comfortable to live like others.
Video / 2014 © Romik-Arts (Ք.Ա)

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42 thoughts on “Street Musicians with unbelievable handmade Guitars (ferielesett)

  1. very beautiful! I made a simpler version of the broom guitar! I made small changes to the broomstick and I attached the broom to the body of the guitar 🙂 I hope you pass from my channel to see my version!

  2. you proof that music came from musicians not instrument
    anyway .Is this nimbus telecaster Harry's signature?

  3. the guy with broom should dress like a janitor and the guy with shovel should dress like a construction worker. It would spice up the show a bit more.

  4. This is so amazing. This is the may that music should be right in there with everyday people, which is only further exemplified by the musician's use of everyday objects. Music is not just for the elite but for us all to make everyone's lives better and more peaceful even during something as commonplace as walking about outside. Thank you for your music and this video!

  5. ฮ่าๆๆๆๆ

  6. it would be more entertaining if he was sweeping with an actual broom. Guitar players will only understand what this means.

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