Spider pendant – handmade copper jewelry 110

Spider pendant – handmade copper jewelry 110

Tutorial spider pendant – handmade copper jewelry

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I would like to share my knowledge and skills so that you can study online
With simple steps and simple tools you can do it yourself. Can be replaced with silver wire or gold wire and gemstones for jewelry more valuable
Or simply use cheap material like copper wire to make gifts for friends, family or for yourself
With creativity you can change some details to create your own style
It is possible to combine different stones or crystals to produce different patterns

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Lan Anh Handmade

41 thoughts on “Spider pendant – handmade copper jewelry 110

  1. Copper is worth alot in my Country! USA! I love all of your Jewelry Designs! Thank you so much for sharing! You are the very best on YouTube! This looks exactly like our garden spiders in San Diego California, USA! I just love your Channel! I am learning alot! Thank you!

  2. Quelle maîtrise ! Je dévore toutes vos vidéos, j'ai même essayé d'en réaliser avec un certain succès. J'admire aussi le fait que vous preniez le temps de répondre à tous les commentaires, c'est ça le véritable partage. Encore bravo , continuez de nous épater.

  3. Nice video and spider looks amazing! Only suggestion is maybe slow it down and show what it should look like after each step because I'm having trouble following 🙁

  4. No me canso de ver tus vídeos puede pasar el tiempo y siempre me pareceran los mas hermosos saludos y un fuerte abrazo

  5. Thank you for this beautiful spider. Cant wait to try this. You are quite talented. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. Hi, thanks for the tutorial it's very easy to follow but I kind of f… Up mine because it only has four legs even though it's a very good first try, thanks again

  7. Thank you so much for the great tutorial! I like how you show what you do so we can follow it, no need for language barriers with that. Having watched plenty of basic tutorials it is easy to follow what you are doing, and I love how you give close ups of it partially done so we can see exactly where/how you did the wrapping. I am going to make this today for a Christmas present for my daughter who loves Halloween. Going to make a bat for her also from your tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us so we can make them also!

  8. Oh, my dog doesn't like the music on your site. I have to turn down the volume when he's with me! I think parts of the music hurts his ears. But he loves your jewelry, Lan Anh.

  9. Hi Lan, hru? Tu eres la mejor enseñando, tus videos son lo más basta mirarlos con atención y seguir paso a paso lo que muestras, además al principio das toda la información de los materiales, gauge, cm necesarios que en otros videos hablan mucho pero no dan información, te felicito amiga, sos única y la mejor, de hecho te he mandado imágenes de algunas cositas que hice 😁 y está arañita la quiero hacer para Halloween, está preciosa👏👏👏. Gracias Lan, Abrazos desde Argentina 🙅 Eva

  10. I made a spider! thank you for the instruction. (mine is here: http://quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks.tumblr.com/post/164990415636/i-made-a-spider-using-this-tutorial)

  11. Lan su trabajo es excelente, me encanta y usted lo hace ver muy fácil, pero tiene su complicación, q alambre usa?, gracias

  12. This "Tutorial" is practically useless. You don't explain anything, and we can't see where you're sticking the wire. And the music is monotonous.

  13. essa aranha e a coisa mais incrivel que eu vi apesar de sofrer de araquinofobia aguda mas vou fazer para tentar perder o medo ficou linda mas nao sei se usaria por causa do meu medo linda mesmo

  14. LAN- your work is exceptional- beautiful! But your tutorials aren't made to " instruct". I would love to learn make such beautiful art. Can you give instruction as you work?

  15. In Your hands every work like easy and nice, like a poem. But, when I try, … funny things. Best wishes, my dear child.

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