Some information and pictures about Lan Anh Handmade – How to make wire jewelry

Some information and pictures about Lan Anh Handmade – How to make wire jewelry

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Some information and pictures about Lan Anh Handmade – How to make wire jewelry
My first name is Lan Anh, last name is Pham. I’m female, born in 1983
I live in Danang City, Vietnam, a country in South East Asia
Since childhood I have enjoyed the handmade items. I did a lot of different types of craft. And those experiences help me a lot in finding new ideas.
at the end of 2011 ( at I am 28 years old and prepare to welcome my first child), while looking for new direction for my work, I accidentally to know wire wrapping on the internet. I think this will be my chance, because in my country this subject is very new, only a few people perform.
initially very difficult Because I can not find the right materials and tools in my place.
And customers are very alien to this type of jewelry so I can not sell.
but thanks to the encouragement of my husband, I tried to continue with the materials and tools I found. after 5 months with the support of my husband, I had the first customer to buy wholesale.
during that time, I met a lot of difficulties But my husband is always supportive and more and more customers. I mostly wholesalers at domestically and abroad.
between 2016, I had a backing disk hernia. many orders but no employees, should not be able to meet the demand (I has teach for free at home, but not really efficient)
So I switch to guide on youtube, like a way of entertainment and share my interests, can creative freedom, and consistent with my health, while also having time to take care of my little family
I’m not trained, I just follow instinct, I work according to personal preferences like a way of entertainment.I’m trying to learn every day to be able do more guidance in the future. I also hope to inspire more people
I rarely watch the tutorial of others, I often search for ideas on Pinterest, not only from wire jewelry, from other forms of handicrafts, from the drawings and from everything around me. then I follow my imagination. I seek to the simple and easy understand to guide. with new pattern I have to do a few times before success
My advice for beginners is to persevere with the direction you choose, Try to do your best, every difficulty is 1 challenge is also a chance, You have to find ways to overcome rather than give up.
When working have to do with the heart, Take care of each product as your child.
Please respect your achievement, customers will find you
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27 thoughts on “Some information and pictures about Lan Anh Handmade – How to make wire jewelry

  1. Chị nhận e làm đệ tử nhé!!! E rất thích kênh của chị, thích từng mẫu chị làm.

  2. Вы невероятный мастер, восхитительные изделия нерукотворные и настолько понятные мастер классы! Желаю дальнейших творческих поисков и продолжайте нас радовать вашими прекрасными творениями! Я учусь по вашим МК

  3. You are a remarkable self taught artist. I am always amazed at how symmetrical and graceful your art work is. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us. I enjoy every video I have seen, and I have learned a great deal.

  4. todo expresion que nace del alma brilla en el firmamento como una estrella y es lo que tu eres saludos

  5. I live in Trinidad in the Caribbean, I just want to thank you for your tutorials, I just found you on YouTube and have been spending hours watching your work and trying to make some myself. You are exceptionally talented and a wonderful teacher. Hope you recover from your pain and continue to teach. God Bless you and your family.

  6. You are such a lovely person as well as a talented and skilled artist. I wish you nothing but the very best and I thank you for the gift of knowledge you’ve given all of us by sharing your experience. ❤️❤️

  7. You are truly gifted as an artist and a beautiful soul and your sharing is greatly appreciated by me. I bless the day I found your channel and send you positive vibes and prayers for healing. Thank you for you generosity. Your tutorials are some of the best I have seen. Love to you.

  8. You are an inspiration, thank you so very much for your oh so wonderful videos. They are beautifully presented and easy to follow. Hope your health improves and it is nice to know you have the support of a loving husband. be well beautiful lady, you are definitely a treasure

  9. Can you see my lens and make

  10. Thank you . Lan Anh. I’m en México in small town , my English isn’t as good as l wish . I’m not really use my English in Mexico , but I hope you understand me . I so glad to find your channel, for me you are like an Angel because , I’m trying to do something that I enjoy and the same time make some money.
    I’m 56 years old. And my daughters are big enough to do their own lives and I’m so happy for them , but I need fill my time now that I am not doing mother’s job.
    So you are my teacher now , you are great and l feel blessed for that.
    Thanks again for sharing your art and experience.
    You are a wonderful person. The world need more people like you.

  11. Thankyou for letting us get to know you.. I love your work and truthfully find it the best on here.. Thank you again so much. 🙂

  12. Lan Anh, you are such an inspiration to everyone. We love your work and aspire to create beautiful works of art like you do. I pray Godspeed over your life and healing to your body. Thank you for sharing your most wonderful and creative talent with the World.

  13. X Dios no me cansó d ver tus vídeos son maravillosos cuanta creatividad q don tan hermoso t a dado Dios son admirables tus manos felicitaciones x tan hermosoas creaciones

  14. I recently found your channel while looking for a new project to make. Your work takes my breath away, it is beautiful! Thank you for showing us what is possible.

  15. I just follow you aweek ago.. Oooh my god.. You work is an art.. I cant say any thing

    Where did you learn it?? Waooooooooooo❤️💓💕💞🤩😍

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