Simple earring with big stones – How to make handmade jewelry 10

Simple earring with big stones – How to make handmade jewelry 10

Tutorial simple earring with big stones – How to make handmade jewelry

I would like to share my knowledge and skills so that you can study online
With simple steps and simple tools you can do it yourself. Can be replaced with silver wire or gold wire and gemstones for jewelry more valuable
Or simply use cheap material like copper wire to make gifts for friends, family or for yourself
With creativity you can change some details to create your own style
It is possible to combine different stones or crystals to produce different patterns

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Lan Anh Handmade

44 thoughts on “Simple earring with big stones – How to make handmade jewelry 10

  1. I love your work. But sometimes its the ones i would like to try i cant seam to see well…do u think you cant use a black back ground. Or maybe some thin white. Light weight gloves…for a better view…you fascinate me with your work. Its all beautiful…your so creative….talented….

  2. You are definitely an amazing artist, I love your work! They are all truly masterpieces! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome and gifted work appreciate it! !!

  3. Gosh you make it look so easy. I'm getting the hang of it. I've made a couple pairs of your earrings and I've gotten several compliments. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I'm going to try this pair I love them. Thanks again. I'm binge watching you totorials.

  4. Beautiful! You make it look so easy! That is the hallmark of someone who is very good at what they do! I wish I could see how you wrapped the pieces together, maybe it's just my bad eyesight.

  5. عنجد شغلك مرتب وحلو تسلم ايدك بس انتي من وين بتحكي عربي وانكلش


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  7. Hi Lan Anh, your copper jewelry wire skills is stunning! I really enjoy watching your Youtube videos. The wire you use in your jewelry work, is it round half hard or dead soft etc?

  8. hermosos Dios bendiga tus manos lo q no se es si este alabre es de cobre o aluminio

  9. حلو كتير انا معجبة كتير بكل شي عم تعملي و انا مصممة اكسسوار

  10. Сплела такие сережки ,правда с завиточками пришлось постараться,спасибо.

  11. You are so very talented! I may never make any of your designs but I will not miss any of your videos. It is such a pleasure to simple watch you create and yours are some of the best design work I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing!

  12. So beautiful and elegant and yet simple enough! Or so you make it seem ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much for sharing your tutorials

  13. These are so very pretty, very clever the way you wire the stone in, I just love and admire your work.

  14. Hola Lan Anh, muy bueno👌👍👏👏
    Quiero preguntarte si viste está rosa en YouTube, no es tutorial, "Anya's Handmade Wire Jewelry – Rose Rosalie Necklace. De Corra Liew. Cuando termines con las bellezas de Halloween que estás haciendo, podrías hacer un tutorial enseñando esa rosa, sino igual pero de ese estilo? Si tú puedes amiga, si?🙏🙌

  15. love love love. your work!!!!
    my question if may I ask ? can or do you have a video where you sho the wire wrapping on these earring slower and in more detail that would help me so much… thank you!!

  16. can u make these on order….if I will give u order for making these jewellery for me….coz they are awesome….😃😃😃

  17. Wonderful craftwork, you are very gifted.I am impressed with the small wood mandrel that you use, can you tell me where to purchase one

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