Silver ring for Men with onyx stone Handmade

Silver ring for Men with onyx stone Handmade

Handmade silver ring for Men with onyx stone.

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30 thoughts on “Silver ring for Men with onyx stone Handmade

  1. Wow, that was amazing. Your engraving skills are incredible. One question- I'm curious why did you chose to glue the stone instead of add a bezel?

  2. Muy buen trabajo solo me quede con una duda que liquido le aplico con el pincel y ese polvo blanco es bicarbonato

  3. hat sword in a ring, it's wonderful, gladiator, it says a lot about yourself

  4. Grear video I really enjoyed it EXCEPT THE SHIT MUSIC. Such good quality work but music not so good (it did get better around the 6 min mark). Please fix this if possible. Thankyou….. cheers.

  5. You make it look so easy! What is that little trimming tool? 6:30 Does it have a spinning blade or heat??? I couldn't tell. lol

  6. Very Nice, You can also visit at for more designs in moonstone jewelry.

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