Should you start an Etsy shop? Selling, Shipping, and Pricing Handmade | @laurenfairwx

Should you start an Etsy shop? Selling, Shipping, and Pricing Handmade | @laurenfairwx

Are you considering selling your handmade work in an online store through Etsy? Here are some things to think about!
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50 thoughts on “Should you start an Etsy shop? Selling, Shipping, and Pricing Handmade | @laurenfairwx

  1. Have you ever thought about starting an Etsy shop? What would you make to sell? If you already have an etsy shop, tell me about it! If you do decide to start one, sign up using this link and we'll both earn free listings:

  2. You're adorable. Thanks for the advice. I've only just opened my Etsy store. Soooo excited !!!!

  3. Your videos have been a breath of fresh air for me these past few weeks 🙂 I'm surprised that I didn't find you sooner! I've been trying to knuckle down since the beginning of this year and have started developing prototypes of my own plush toys even though I've been trying to do this previously. I have so many ideas but I work full time and it's hard finding the time to devote to my work. I'm looking to apply for a job that has less hours and as it's in a college it closes during the holidays several times over the year so it means I would get a lot more free time! But is it worth the sacrifice? I would take a cut in pay and I would have to travel a bit further to get to where I needed to go? I have a house with my bf and we are pretty good financially plus we don't have kids as of yet.. So should I take the plunge? 😂

  4. Genuine sellers selling handmade items will be poor selling on Etsy, but if you don't need to make a living you can do it. Etsy is greedy, China are spamming Etsy with utter crap, so people will think you are expensive. You cannot win. If you sell mass produced absolute tat, you will make money. Sad fact is that most people drip feed utter crap and tat into their lives, bodies and homes because it is cheap. Those people are a cancer in this society, more often than not they are also quite unwell mentally and physically. They want cheap, but they moan it is over priced rubbish in feedback. It doesn't take a genius to work out why these people are always miserable. Good luck in your business, but I can only imagine some days it is a lot of hard work for greedy, ungrateful little ass holes who always want items cheaper. Perhaps their wages should be slashed as their time is worth sod all too!

  5. wow awesome information to ponder, thank you for all your insight and tips on all your knowledge ,soo helpful, thank you so much!!!

  6. Omg your beginning statements describe l
    Me lol I’m always writing down ideas and the memo on my phone is full of them plus details about cost, sale price and profits. My Biggest thing is that I want to do this for myself and my future and spend more quality time raising my five kids than working 40+ hours a week outside of the home plus travel time and then rushing to take care of five kids then do it again tomorrow….ugh. I want to something I love and have passion about and not just for the paycheck.

  7. Lauren,
    I am only 13 and i am considering making an Etsy shop. My whole family has had some experience with this kind of stuff, and i even make rings, earings, bows, stuffed animals and sell them at my school. Last year alone i sold a bunch and made good money. I am getting more serious and my mother is thinking about letting me sell my products online.
    I am very satisfied with your video and thanks for all the insightful info!

  8. Thanks for posting this video. I've been selling online in different venues for 18 years, but still find inspiration from other passionate entrepreneurs. Also, so many uTube video's claim to give information regarding etsy, but never put a link to their shop… only a link to a web site selling a how-to video.

  9. Thank you so much. This is my dream and I'm going to make it come true!!!! Btw you are really great on camera,well spoken and comfortable which made me comfortable and excited to do this!!!

  10. She gives great advice for people interested in business and entrepreneurship in general. Thanks for making this.

  11. So I’m thinking of starting a store on one of these online websites. I’m wondering if you can sell more than just homemade crafts. One of my stores on Shopify has computer stickers. Is that okay to sell on Etsy or is it primarily crafts?

  12. Okay, So I am looking into opening an Etsy shop (was looking at Shopify..but that cost so an etsy shop would be good until I get it all going then can add or switch to Shopify later if I choose) BUT when trying to set up my etsy shop, it is asking me to add a listing before I can even continue setting it up…BUT I am planning on connecting P.O.D sites (like Redbubble, Art of Where and a few others) but I need to complete setting up the store before I can add/connect those sites/accounts… SO how do I get past this situation? I don’t have anything to list until I can connect my POD sites..HELP

  13. Can I just say, I love your positivity! I have recently been trying to promote my Etsy and i can't wait to use your tips!

  14. I’m considering it because I’m not old enough to have a job and I have a lot of hobby’s this was helpful thx

  15. I want to start an Etsy shop cause I want to sell clay charms cause my broke gdmsismshueksk needs some money. Mama’s got her eye on guinea pig.

  16. Great video – love your energetic style. You're spot on with your advice. You ask the hard realistic questions that folks should consider before starting etsy. Wish I would have seen this video before starting my etsy shop.

  17. I sell paintings in frames and postcards on etsy, I absolutely love painting I do it everyday getting traffic to the shop is hard! My Etsy is

  18. I want to start my own Etsy shop but I’m only 14 so I don’t know much about selling online. I think selling stickers would be a good start bc they are easier to ship, but one of my concerns is do I need to provide a return address when shipping because I don’t wanna just give away my home address.

  19. Thank you! I feel so paralyzed right now. I’ve always been creative and start making things and tell myself that I’m going to sell on Etsy and I chicken out. I finally posted a few things on there this week. Everything that you’re talking about I did consider as far as taking the time for the entire process. I even ordered a lightbox and ended up not using it. Thank you for your video!

  20. I have a question. Do you put your real address on the return label? You are on youtube, so aren't you concerned about stalkers or random people getting your address?

  21. I've been wanting to start an etsy shop to sell my linoleum block prints but i don't know how I would package them so they won't crease or crumble as they ship any tips?

  22. Thanks for sharing your Etsy experiences Lauren! I've recently opened my Etsy shop and excited to see it progress 😀 xx

  23. For me, the biggest challenge is to getting on with the product making. The rest I can get into, the making I seem to have lost the interest in. 🙁

  24. These are great things to consider – it's not just making your product, so much more goes into a shop than most people consider when they're starting their shop. You cover all the other stuff in this video which is perfect.

  25. I opened my etsy shop about a month ago but there's no traffic. Can you please make a video on how to drive traffic to etsy shop.

  26. Im doing lots of art and projects now that I think would lend well to Etsy. I have a small Youtube following, so I'm thinking of starting my shop at 1,000 subscribers.

  27. I want to sell on etsy, mostly because I want to raise money for dental school. So. Do i have to apply for tax report when I start selling in Etsy, even if I do it whenever I have time?

  28. I really enjoyed your video. I am an older lady considering an Etsy shop because I love to sew and I am retired. I am going to check out your shop, and watch your other videos, and sub. BTW, you are adorable.

  29. I sell stickers that I design. The shipping is 3$ and I sell it for 0.80$. It takes me around 1 hour to pack everything cause it's handmade. But so far I've sold 8 items. ;(

  30. Thank you for this video! I make sketch bookas and journals as a hobby, and gifts for friends and family, and Ive had a lot of people suggest I look into a etsy shop. My apartment is small and Im a college student at the moment and there is all sorts of craft stuff around my place. I think once Im in a larger space and can have a room instead of overtaking my dining room it would be a better time to really think about it.

  31. This is a smart video! I have had my shop forever and it's getting expensive its only crocheted skullcaps and scarves. Took forever to get the inventory up, now I am finally happy with it. Most of my customers are from chatting online. Etsy is a lot of work the customer service stinks, I am doing better on ebay and it's so much easier. Peace and Hugs KP

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