Sell your Handmade items on Poshmark!

Sell your Handmade items on Poshmark!

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All products sold on your Poshmark account must be shipped according to Poshmark’s shipping policies (Failure to do so will result in termination of payment and partnership). Shipping is super easy! As soon as a sale is completed, Poshmark emails you a PDF shipping label. Simply print it out and affix to either a (free!)USPS Priority mail envelope/ box or your own mailer.

Do you have some handmade fashion items that you would love to sell online? This video will take you step by step to listing your items on Poshmark. It also will give you valuable tips to create beautiful listings easily. You can do this!

I created theses fabric covered wooden bead necklaces for a few years ago. Here is the link to make one yourself!

Visit my PDF Sewing pattern shop for more fun, cute, original and cute projects at

Visit my Blog for more information about me and to see my NINE years of sewing adventures 🙂

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Virginia Lindsay

13 thoughts on “Sell your Handmade items on Poshmark!

  1. Hey. Nice video! New subscriber here 😁
    Love this video. And kudos to you for using the mic to record description! I CONSTANTLY use my speak-to-text for texts and descriptions, lists, etc! It's so much faster! It is a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it's so easy!

  2. I'm new to poshmark. I wish to sell my handmade jewelry. Thank you for the video. My closet user name is @fashionbydiori I will follow you in poshmark also I am a new subscriber 🙂

  3. Hey thanks! ReallyREALLYReally sweet video. Have you ever considered taking advantage of that gorgeous outdoor space of yours w/regard to displaying your lovely handmade necklaces? I think it'd be perfect! Your works give a bit of an ethnic vibe or artsy quality which may really standout against Nature's calling I think anyway! Happy $elling! Bountiful Blessings

  4. You said that they will take $3 and some change from your listing price. Is that the only fee? I sell on etsy now and they charge .20 cents when you list it for 4 months. Then when it sells they take a percentage from the sell price. I have looked at poshmark before, but wasn't sure if I should try it. I now sell vintage sewing patterns, attachments for sewing machines and vintage fabric when I see something nice. I also have a small business downtown where I sell what I make. I am interested in selling on another website.

  5. Virginia, Thank you for the pattern of the pencil pockets they are so cute. All of my children and grands are out of school but I know of a lady that has seven kids. So I have made them one each. It is fun to do things for others. Blessings Carol

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