Self made welding magnet

Self made welding magnet

I decided to use magnets from loudspeakers that somehow lay idle. Now in my workshop there is a set of welded magnets.

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32 thoughts on “Self made welding magnet

  1. Excellent job! I would use nuts as spacers in stead of wood, the burn smell is terrible 🙂


  2. Лучше заказать через интернет готовый продукт чем тратить целый день но перчатки ваше изи

  3. Geile arbeit aber rentiert sich das…??….bei uns kosten die magnete ca 6 euro das stück…..aber trotzdem super arbeit😎…respekt

  4. hiii , How did u calculated the holding force? I have modified length , width & height. Help me with this.

  5. hiii , i have a doubt. how much weight a magnet can hold a metal? Is there any formulas for calculating the weight of magnet's self weight? Suggest me with this. ASAP.

  6. Не свое видео нехорошо выкладывать ! А я яй! Диз

  7. Multe comentarii rautacioase.Ei s-au uitat dar n-au inteles decat ca ai manusi rupte.Eu apreciez munca si mai ales indemanarea.Ai facut un lucru minunat. Sfatul meu este sa nu dai niciodata flori la porci.

  8. wow ,,, only three hours to save about three quid ,,, invest the money in gloves would be my advise .

  9. Very interesting, those things cost $4 or $5 a piece. You made $40 worth in what 4 hours and used what $25 materials. I'm inspired i'm gonna make magnetic parts dishes like the ones harbor freight gives you each visit…

  10. i havent heard soul music since the 70s.. i cant remember the name of the band but they were on soultrain

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