Restoration Rusty Hammer Old | Hammer Restoration Project | Restoration handmade

Restoration Rusty Hammer Old | Hammer Restoration Project | Restoration handmade

Hi. Restoration Rusty Hammer Old – Hammer Restoration Project – Restoration handmade is our new video. In this video we perform a restoration of the old hammer. We cleaned rust for the hammer. Then we made handles for aluminum hammer. we take the rolling mold. We buried the sample in sand and proceeded to pour the mold. We have successfully handled the hammer. In the next video we continue to recover old items. Subscribe to the channel to keep track of the latest videos. Thank you.

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Scrap Restoration

24 thoughts on “Restoration Rusty Hammer Old | Hammer Restoration Project | Restoration handmade

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  2. Зачем опускать молоток в кислоту и тереть наждачкой, если в дальнейшем его болгаркой обрабатывать? В чем смысл?

  3. Dont mind the Head looks good but the handle is pretty gruesome. Use Wood instead of Metal just My Point of view

  4. May not look pretty to most…but it looks like its crudeness outweighs the looks.

    Interesting technique, seems it would last a long time.

  5. To each his own but I can't understand going through all that effort to cast a handle. You can get a wooden oak handle at Ace Hardware for $3.00

  6. Well,I guess the reason that you are getting dislikes is that ,while you restore the tool to a useful state,the finish is coarse..I would have spent more time carving and shaping the foam mould piece,so that the casting came out better,and then go over it all with files (not a grinder which is difficult to use in that situation) to get a smoother overall finish,also filing the head so that it blended into the handle better..If you watch" "Scoutcrafter" ,he aims to restore the tool to make as good as a new one,polishing etc..I would have some doubts about the quality of the casting of that handle,it could have air bubbles or faults in it,as the casting was not done under pressure..only being a poured casting using scrap magnesium aluminium,without the addition of "anti porosity chemicals".
    Aside from that criticism it was interesting to watch,and you have a functional tool..keep up the good effort

  7. OK so maybe I would of done it differently but is seems to me that you accomplished exactly what you intended and I bet you enjoyed the process. I would like to see what you could do with more tools like a sawsall, bandsaw bench grinder , a lathe ect.

  8. I love restoration video and this looked very interesting. However the music is terrible and I had to stop watching. Please, music, only tool sound.

  9. No entiendo el porque del mango de aluminio. La madera absorbe bien las vibraciones. Soldar un caño es mas rápido y mas practico y mas resistente que el aluminio. Yo uso caños de 1/2 pulgadas soldado a la cabeza del martillo y coloco un puño de bicicleta para amortiguar los golpes a la mano

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