Pt. 1: Man Hides Body in Cooler Meant to Store Handmade Granola Bars – Crime Watch Daily

Pt. 1: Man Hides Body in Cooler Meant to Store Handmade Granola Bars – Crime Watch Daily

Who is Travis Forbes: A granola bar-making Colorado man, or a cold-blooded murderer? Crime Watch Daily’s Ana Garcia has the story.

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24 thoughts on “Pt. 1: Man Hides Body in Cooler Meant to Store Handmade Granola Bars – Crime Watch Daily

  1. Such a great family,,,, so sad that she died by the hands of that sick, horrible human being. RIP

  2. not all teens do that, I didn't do it, my kids didn't do it…my grandkids, I hope not, but I am not in charge…they had a curfew, as an alone mother had to keep track of them, 9 on weekdays, 11 on weekends! now its up to my kids to watch over grandkids! but I was raised with different values in western europe

  3. Bars have GOT TO STOP throwing overly intoxicated people out into the street with nothing. So many of these murders and accidental deaths would not happen if there was a better protective system set up. How about we watch out for and protect people that have maybe overendulged…

  4. All her so called 'friends' could have stopped her from going or even went with her for her own safety. This is ridiculous. I would panic in a club if i didnt find my friend or even if she was on the other side of the club i would still panic. Theres dangerous and perverted people in clubs and i would wanna be with my friend all the time side by side till we leave and return home TOGETHER. Her life could have been saved. This death was unnecessary .. its really sad. RIP

  5. They were never her Friends !
    Friends don’t leave you on your own like that, being intoxicated. You go with your girl & take care of her & get her home safe. That’s what friends do, no matter what !

  6. That is a sorry bunch of friends first of all letting anybody you care forget that drunk second letting them just go fuck them friends I’ll kill them all

  7. When you in a relationship, or have true friends.. Party at home please. Dont go out to clubs or have wild nighs out, I know it seems fun but its dangerous.

  8. That damnable doctrine most parents have swallowed, " I did evil so Im not going to try and be adamant to warn my children not to commit the same evil," is whats putting a lot of these kids in the grave early.

  9. What the hell kind of friends just let their drunk friend leave the club alone or with a stranger?! Wtf!

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