Pine Tree Noel Handmade Christmas Card

Pine Tree Noel Handmade Christmas Card

Make a beautiful Christmas card with Pine Tree Stamps and Winter Wonderland Embossing Powder!

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46 thoughts on “Pine Tree Noel Handmade Christmas Card

  1. Your cards are beautiful but you don’t list supplies. I have no idea who sells the “winter wonderland” embossing powder. I can’t find the stamps either. That my only negative remark. Please name your supplies so we can order to try and make similar cards as yours…

  2. Hope you and your family are all better now. Kids are little petri dishes lol. Beautiful, beautiful card!!! Happy New Year!!!

  3. As you were talking about two trees, I was thinking of always use odd numbers for subjects. Also, use a clear spray fixative over your work so it won't rub off so easily. I really like this but those rubber stamps look pricy. I hand paint Xmas cards every year. I really like your idea and it got me thinking of other methods.

  4. Beautiful card Debra, seems that website does not exist any longer but I'm sure I can find more online, thank you for sharing.

  5. Beautiful card but why are you barely audible? Are you not allowed to talk at normal volume? I have a new tablet and you are coming through about one or two words out of each minute..what a shame..looks like ill have to buy some earbuds..such a beautiful card very very beautiful..

  6. I enjoyed watching your video…to  bad we could not hear you. Should have had your microphone closer to you.

  7. your Christmas tree card is so beautiful, I can not stop thinking about it.Please can you help me where can I find the two rubber stamps, before the snow and the big ever green tree my Email is thank you T.Louise

  8. Your card is very pretty.  I Love Penny Black and Inkadinkado stamps. But with the silver ink and embossing powder just makes it very festive.  Feel better for the holidays. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Hi Debra. Your card is really pretty. I thought I would share what I have learned about detailed large stamps. They will stamp better if you put a piece of fun foam underneath your paper. It gives a little cushion and allows better contact with the paper. The other option if you can line it up the way you want it, is to leave the stamp on the table, ink it, put your paper on top, put a piece of scratch paper over it, and then rub all over it. This is much easier then trying to push really hard on a rubber stamp. I think many times when it doesn't stamp right it's because there is a little something on your craft mat causeing the paper not to sit 100% flat. Or for me it was because my craft table is hard plastic instead of wood. So I could never get a good image. Anyway, sorry for the long post but these techniques really saved me a lot of frustrations.

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