Pickguardian Handmade Custom Pickguards

Pickguardian Handmade Custom Pickguards

I craft my pickguards by hand…one at a time…to order, not by using a CNC machine, hundreds at a time. You get to choose the material, layout, edge details and other options that are simply not possible with mass-produced pickguards. There is a time and place for CNC-made guards, but not for onesies or small runs.

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Tony Dudzik

4 thoughts on “Pickguardian Handmade Custom Pickguards

  1. This is the place to go. Great work and great service. Tony is incredibly helpful. Example: I wanted to make my own gold truss rod cover to match my Pickguardian gold pickguard, and Tony sent me the exact paint code he used for the guard. My TRC is now the exact color match as my guard. A great company that does great work.

  2. I have had several pickguards made at Pickguardian, and they are top notch. No one does it better. The materials and craftsmanship are excellent.

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