(Part 1) of 3  Blanket   SMALL -CROCHET – BASKET WEAVE  -BABY – Hand Made -35"X 45"

(Part 1) of 3 Blanket SMALL -CROCHET – BASKET WEAVE -BABY – Hand Made -35"X 45"

(PART 1) of 3 – ( CHAIN & Row 1 )- TUTORIAL HOW TO MAKE A SMALL Blanket – Hand made -Crocheted with a Basket Weave Stitch – 35″X 45″ Give to a new baby parent or a Charity that cares for New Single mothers etc. Join a group of other like minded people like the Project Linus or The Stitches of LOVE and make items for others. *Notice 3 Polls will be avail in this video beginning, middle and end of Step 1 and 2 Please answer the polls to help me with future creating. Apologizes for MISSPELLING OF WORD ” VARIEGATED and BORDER “Thanks to a dear Friend finding this.

**CC Turn on Closed Caption in menu on the Video : upper right side before viewing. ADDED JAPANESE SUB TITLES ** Just a fun experiment to add closed caption in another language

*Please note * The Ending IN THE GARDEN was made by another Creator just for me.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo4HhnsVlalR2x7Eg94PVSw JP Jonas Prather
please visit his channel and request your own intro. if like it give him some acknowledgement.

Thanks you Support others and congrats to our friend Zach in Japan you reached 1K (July 2019)

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18 thoughts on “(Part 1) of 3 Blanket SMALL -CROCHET – BASKET WEAVE -BABY – Hand Made -35"X 45"

  1. Not only are you kind to the animals and birds but you give to charity for new beautiful lives! You give a lot of yourself and I know the recipients are blessed by you! Once we took our granddaughter to the ER and the staff gave her a pretty blanket that had pretty flowers on it and it just blessed my heart and my granddaughter! She was so scared but she held that blanket. I made sure to ask who had donated the blanket and I sent a thank you card to them. It blew me away! So I know the blanket you are crocheting is going to be so appreciated to the new mommy and the beautiful new baby! What a blessing you are! It is looking so beautiful so far! Big Hugs🙏💗

  2. Loved the video!! I actually watched it 3 hours after you uploaded but I was using my tablet that doesn't have my account logged in so I couldn't comment. Anyway, very nice. Have a wonderful day.

  3. *Please note * 3 Polls are avail in this video to help me for future creations. Thank You to All those watching and I dedicate this video to the Group I work with (The Stitches of LOVE) to make Blankets for Project LINUS, I hope to inspire others to learn to knit, Crochet, loom, Quilt or any other sewing project to make items for those that are needing them. cc with show this (*SPELLING CORRECTION (VARIEGATED YARN @0:10– 0:18) & (BORDER @1:00–1:05) Option to see translated in cc for Japanese as well.

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