Our Handmade Hero: Joyce

Our Handmade Hero: Joyce

Our Handmade Hero, Joyce, found the courage to open a quilt shop after a quilt helped save her daughter’s life. We love her story. Tell us yours. #handmadewithjoann

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8 thoughts on “Our Handmade Hero: Joyce

  1. I was a girl scout and I have disability, my mother help me , with scouting, thank you, I am know 59, I would like to learn more about quilting, Diana Willard, Joplin, MO

  2. What a fabulous story. So glad you captured these memories in a Creative Memories album. Only the best, for the best! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh! What a wonderful story! It really touched me. Especially since my Great Granddaughter just joined girl scouts last week! I'm still sniffing and wiping my eyes. Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. I love JoAnn's! I only get to go once a month so I try to soak up the experience!. The ladies at my doctors office know that after getting my cortisone shots, my reward is a trip to JoAnn's! I've got JoAnn's app on my phone so I can tell them what's got coupons etc. A few say they need to go over.

  5. Joyce I think your story is not only heart touching but fantastic! I too found a family member blue as a baby. Although she wasn't my child and I was 11 she was my niece! Your daughter looks like a beautiful spirit😇! God bless🙏!

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