No-Sew Dog Clothes with Joselyn Hughes – HGTV Handmade

No-Sew Dog Clothes with Joselyn Hughes – HGTV Handmade

DIY dog clothes are what your puppies need to stay warm this winter. Be it a classy, no-sew, leather bow tie, or an upcycled sweater, Meg and Joselyn have your dogs covered. Literally.

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43 thoughts on “No-Sew Dog Clothes with Joselyn Hughes – HGTV Handmade

  1. Or I can sew a sweater that will actually fit my dog and won't be a snoot warmer 😂so many people make the same stuff over and over for small dogs but what about the bigger ones?this sweater won't even fit my pups neck

  2. Thank you both so much for making this video!!! I absolutely love the ideas!! ❤ I knew I had finally found the right video when Joselyn said "sewing machines are scary, their loud and make aggressive noises", lol. 😂

  3. cute Video! I was reading Dogster new issue today & it had no sew bow ties. came cross this video & it was helpful! ! Happy Paw life #wufflifefordogs

  4. I made a sweater for my dogs ginger and princess except for I didn't use sweatpants I use some really soft pajama pants my two dogs love their sweaters

  5. Can u guys make shoes for dogs cause I want to make shoes for my dog but I don't know how to, so a little help form u guys???!!! Thnx😍👍👍

  6. These are so cute! I've knitted some dog sweaters in the past, but this is so quick and easy! Sad news, my dear friend Timon died last week, and I miss him very much. I have a new puppy now, named Hugo. I think he will be a spoiled doggy too!

  7. Can you do a gift ideas for different people video? Example: someone who loves books, someone who loves fashion (it does not have to be Xmas themed!) please consider this

  8. Sweet and adorable dogs. 😉
    I have a kitten… I tried to put a santa hat on her yesterday, but she didn't want it anywhere near her…. So I probably can't do anything for her…
    If I had a dog, I would probably make both….and I think I like the sweater best. 😉

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